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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Lizzo shames ‘fat shamers’ in workout video

Lizzo shames ‘fat shamers’ in workout video

Lizzo recently called out people who fat shame.
In a video that she released a couple days ago, Lizzo can be seen working out. However, that is not all that she does.

The singer is known for being an activist for all kinds of bodies. She has also made a name for herself shutting down those who dare pass negative comments or criticize her comparatively fuller figure. 

Recently, online trolls began to rise that made fun of plus-size people. A misconception also surfaced that people who had fuller figures did not exercise. The Truth Hurts star posted a clip on Tuesday on TikTok and clapped back the misconception. She also told ‘fat shamers’ to pay attention on themselves rather than make fun of and judge others. 
The video she uploaded consisted of her working out. She performed many exercises, cycled on an exercise bike, did squats and used a skipping rope. She posted all this to make a statement accompanied by a voiceover. 

Lizzo revealed that she has been working consistently and frequently over the past five years. She stated that she was not doing all this to reduce her weight and match the society’s views of an ideal body type. Rather, the 32-year-old said that she is working for a body that only she desires. She continued to say that people should mind their own business because she knows she is strong, and beautiful. 

After talking about the fact that she does her job perfectly and stays on it, she vented a little more. Lizzo urged people to not judge others for their size. It doesn’t matter whether they eat at McDonald’s or drink kale smoothies. She said it is no one’s business whether someone works out or not. The popstar raged that instead of judging others, people should spend time worrying about themselves and their own body. 

According to the star, health is not determined by how people appear on the outside. It also includes how they feel on the inside. She encouraged ‘fat shamers’ to cleanse their insides because they are in dire need of it. Lizzo ended the video by wishing people a great day and saying “Namaste”.

To ensure that the video reached those it was intended towards, the singer added a caption to the post. In it she specified that those who do not judge others for their body types are welcome to continue scrolling. However, she particularly called out ‘fat shamers’ and said that the video was aimed at them. 

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