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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Aaron Carter’s ex-fiancée Melanie Martin miscarries

Aaron Carter’s ex-fiancée Melanie Martin miscarries

In recent news, Aaron Carter has announced that his former fiancée suffered a loss. She miscarried a child and is now devastated. 
The 32-year-old was expecting his first ever child with his sweetheart Melanie. But, during a livestream on YouTube, he revealed that she suffered a miscarriage a couple of days ago. The reason he gave was that she was under a lot of stress and that caused her to lose the child. 

In the broadcast, he also made a special apology directed at Melanie. He said that he felt sorry for anything that he had said about her in public. The I Want Candy star also informed her that he only said what he said because he had been angry at her. 
However, Aaron also had some good news to give to his fans. The video also confirmed that the estranged couple are now back together. To assure the viewers that they were telling the truth, they also kissed in front of the camera. In the broadcast, the couple also discussed the reason their relationship had come to its bitter end a while ago. They admitted that they had been impacted by someone negative influences around them and Melanie had made certain mistakes that drove the two apart. 
Melanie informed that she now has a different phone and hopes that nothing goes wrong this time. She talked about how everyone has relationship in their problems and so did they.

According to her, she knows what she did was wrong but, like everyone else, she too deserved a second chance. Therefore, to earn back her boyfriend’s trust, Melanie revealed that she has granted him access to her whereabouts on her phone. This will help Aaron ensure that she had not been lying about her location and hopes that the matter can be resolved. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, Aaron added a few heartfelt words for his significant other. He confessed that his heart had held on to Melanie even after they broke up. The star admitted how helpless he had felt. He went on to admit that there were times when he felt downright miserable and lonely. However, he insisted that this time he would not let go of her nor give up on their relationship, no matter how many arguments or disagreements they have. 

The broadcast was not short of surprises. The last piece of valuable information that Aaron revealed was that he was no longer in a relationship with Viktoria AlexeevaThe two had started dating only last month but, the singer ended it abruptly. According to Aaron, he did not care about her at all and therefore believed it was better for both of them if they went their separate ways. 

The popstar had previously appeared on a podcast, Hollywood Raw with Adam Glyn and Dax Holt. When questioned about the paternity of his unborn baby, Aaron did not hesitate in responding. He agreed that he felt hurt, and taken advantage of. He also admitted that he had been in a relationship with someone who couldn’t even look him in the eyes.

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