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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Golden Hour by Kygo is Out Now: Album Review

The album is incredibly outstanding. The music of the album has moved us out from thug music and angry rap to a higher love. Golden Hour is the 3rd studio album by Norwegian record producer and tropical house DJ Kygo and was released on 29th May 2020 under the label of Sony Music. 

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The world is suffering due to the pandemic, but kygo is still spreading the love by his music and wants us to be relaxed and enjoy life, no matter how hard the situation is, he wants the world to dance, whether at home or on the beach. Six of the songs were released ahead of the complete project but the single track “Higher Love” is streaming high on the internet. Great midtempos with well piano melodies the song will bring you back to the childhood memories. Here is a tracklist of the album:
  1. The truth
  2. Feels Like Forever
  3. Beautiful
  4. Broken Glass
  5. Could You Love Me
  6. I’ll Wait
  7. Say You Will
  8. Like It Is
  9. Hurting
  10. Lose Somebody
  11. Freedom
  12. To Die For
  13. How Would I Know
  14. Higher Love
  15. Don’t Give Up on Love
  16. Follow
  17. Someday
  18. Only Us
He announced collaboration with American band Imagine Dragons in 2018 titled “Born to be Yours'. It was released in June and streamed 120 million times on YouTube and 362 million times on Spotify as of January 2020. Kygo debuted with his single track “Happy Now” with the collaboration of Sandro Cavazza on the set at the iHeartRadio Festival, it was held at T-Mobile Arena. It streamed 330 million times on Spotify and 109 million times on YouTube.


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