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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones, Apple H1 Headphone Chip Review

There are a few important things that any athletic or music lover would always look for in a pair of headphones, e.g. a long-life battery, comfort, and a secure fit. Just a week before Apple surprised us with new Beats bud Airpods, which are completely wireless with sophisticated design and you can securely fit in your ear without any cable. The Powerbeats pro is filled with all the ingredients.

Powerbeats pro is a truly amazing wireless set of headphones for gym-goers, runners, and sports lovers. There was a cable that came with the previous model which wrapped around and dropped down from the earbuds. The cable no longer comes with the new model. The Airpods now come with a swash black color charging case that gives pleasure to close and open. It is smooth and solid with a magnetic catch which will not be accidentally open and not let your earbuds fall out. Powerbeats’ case works as a charger that will automatically charge battery and headphones, both at the same time. When it is fully charged, the power beats will automatically manage up to 9 hours of run time before requiring another charge. The case itself stores almost 2 rounds of charge. It can give you almost 24 hours charging with plug into the external power source.

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Powerbeats Pro H1 is very easy to carry anywhere; its chunky size case can fit in your jeans’ pocket or in your jacket. It is designed primarily for use during exercise, driving, and carrying around in your sports bag anywhere.


Apple H1 Powerbeats pro is very flexible, secure, and easy to fit in-ear. A rubber-clad magnificence is available with different colors like black, ivory, moss, and navy. It sits and fits tight around your head. The bendable, adjustable ear hooks offer all the security and grip you want and it makes them like your dream come true.  When you are doing a workout, they don’t lose or move from the snug-fitting position. The sweat & water-resistant design never lets them get hot and slip from the position. It comes with different sizes of ear tips but a pre-fitted size is best to fit.


There is much more than its design, comfort, and flexibility. There is a volume control switch in the shape of a Beats symbol. You can play and pause the songs, take the calls with just a single tap. You can forward a track by double tap and a triple tape will rewind that track. You can easily rewind and forward the song by holding the last of these taps. There are the same functions & buttons on both sides of headphones, so you no need to worry about which side does what, it will help you easily access the earpiece without any little hesitation, while you are on a treadmill, doing exercise or running.

Another great feature is its sensor, which detects whether you are wearing the headphones or not. When you take off the one for a moment, and it will start sending messages for your phone to stop the song, you can put it back on and will playback again, it’s a really enjoyable feature.


You can connect the beats to your device by Bluetooth and its H1 Chips that are in charge. It is very easy and fast to pair and the sound will never drop out during the call or listening to the music. There is no awkward combination of buttons for Bluetooth connectivity. Any time you just open the box and bring it near to any iOS or Android device and it will connect automatically. Once you paired with any device it will connect automatically next time, no need to set up again. When you open the box near your device, it will get a graphic display for you to show how much battery power is left.

iPhone users love to use Siri voice assistant, here is good news for them. Powerbeat pro comes with Siri voice assistant, which will help you to connect the calls, check information, and perform other tasks. The flexible and easy access to control buttons will impress you to pick up Siri wake command. 

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The sound quality is very good, there is no compromise of producing heavy bass headphones, even when you are listening in low-quality services, tonal bias is absolutely acceptable. It plays perfect in normal listening volume, it gives a very smooth and clear sound. Another benefit of the pair is, my partner can wear one headphone and I wear another one, while we are doing exercise or walking in the street, we listen to the same music at the same time. It automatically connects to Bluetooth when I wear it and disconnect automatically when I take it off.


I strongly recommend the Powerbeats Pro headphones for their production, secure fitting, and their superb features. Superb music performance will not let you down, Powerbeats pro is an excellent pair of headphones. Thanks to the new H1 chip, which is far better than the previous W1 chip. It is faster to connect between devices and it also gives 1.5x faster connectivity time for making phone calls.


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