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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Nick Cannon joins protests in Minneapolis

In light of recent events, Nick Cannon declared that it had become of utmost importance for him to join the Black Lives Matter protests after the tragic death of African-American, George Floyd. 

The 46-year-old suffered at the hands of the police on May 25th, 2020. In a video that went viral, Floyd can be seen pinned to the ground as a cop kneels on his neck. Following this shocking event, people all over the globe were outraged. Activists took to the streets to stage protests throughout the States on the weekend. The protesters stood out there with signs and placards asking for justice for Floyd and an end to racial prejudice and police brutality.

Cannon explained his decision to join the protests in the place where Floyd died in an essay that was published by Variety Magazine. He wrote that he absolutely needed to be on 38th Street and Chicago where the African-American became the target of police brutality rampant in the U.S.

The essay further explained that he needed to see the people belonging to the community. Cannon had wanted to witness the love the people held for each other and the pain that this tragic incident had caused. He elaborated that the death of the 46-year-old had left numerous people around the world, angry and hurt. The visuals of moments before Floyd’s death will never be forgotten.

Cannon continued that instead of the pandemic bringing the world closer so they could defeat it together, people have been forced to fight against racism and classism. He urged people to not allow this to happen. Rather, find a new normal because this one was not desirable. They need a new world, with better mindsets and unity. 

The actor encouraged people to stand up and admit how wrong this system has been for years. He went on to ask for significant changes in the policing system. Cannon suggested that instead of referring to them as ‘police officers’, cops should now be called ‘peace officers’. To establish peace should be their number one goal and people, despite their color, caste, or creed should feel safe in the presence of cops. 

With three kids at home, the father explained how his children have a deep seated fear of police officers due to such recurring incidents. He provided insight by stating that his children consider the cops to be the bad guys. He further added that the George Floyd’s death is one of many that have been occurring for years. Nevertheless, he called on authorities to hold police officers accountable for their actions, even the good ones who let such things slide. 

In his words, Cannon said that one bad police officer does not work alone. There are always other like ones that allow the wrongdoing to carry on. In his opinion, they are all equally to blame. 

Derek Chauvin, the man visible in the video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck has been found guilty of third-degree murder along with second-degree manslaughter.

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