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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Halsey calls out U.S. government for their treatment of protesters

Halsey has condemned the government of the U.S. for their brutal treatment of the Black Lives Matter protesters. Her hit came after she assisted those who had sustained injuries on the weekend while protesting in the streets. 

After George Floyd, an African American became the unruly target of white police officers and was killed, a video recording went viral on the internet. Seeing the man plead in his final minutes outraged a great number of people all over the globe. Thus, people came out into the streets and staged protests in an attempt to put an end to racial prejudice and rising police brutality in the country.

While attending a protest in Santa Monica, California, Halsey rushed to aid an injured man. Just moments ago she had posted a slideshow of a couple of video clips on her Instagram. The clips showed the unrest and turmoil in the protest. 

She later on repeated the horror that had taken place right in front of her eyes in a lengthy post. The singer stated that these videos and pictures barely showed the feelings of despair and fear that were widespread in the protest. Halsey further added that it was easy for people to watch all this horror unfold from the comfort of their homes. However, she being out there was witnessing the looting and rioting. She also criticized those who sit in front of the television and disapprove of the violent acts being carried out by the protesters. 

She urged people to realize that the media was not showing the other side of the protests. Halsey said that there are innocent and peaceful protesters involved who are being tear gassed and shot. Moreover, they are targeted and physically assaulted repeatedly. The popstar encouraged people to find out more about the matter instead of labelling the protesters as ‘thugs’ and their protests as ‘riots’. She also told people to forget the delusion that the police are doing anything to keep them safe.

The hitmaker further continued that these acts against the innocents are taking place everywhere. Innocent people are facing abuse of power and violence wherever they turn instead of being allowed to exercise their rights to assembly and speech. 

Halsey also talked about how with all medical professionals focused on treating patients of the coronavirus, there are little to no resources available for those being injured in the protests. She recalled how she treated women, men, and children who were either shot in the face, back, or chest. The star also went into detail explaining how some will lose their vision while some will lose their fingers. She was also disturbed at how she herself was covered in the blood of the innocents. 

A couple of hours ago, Halsey’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Yungblud, also took out time to direct praise towards her. He used words such as selfless, fearless, and inspirational to describe her after reading about how she had tended to and stood with the protesters.

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