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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Gibson Flying V Pro 2016 T Powered Guitar

The Flying V Pro 2016 T is a traditional style guitar with modern components. It does not disappoint where quality is concerned because it contains Gibson’s superior and well-known attention to detail. Used by many from Jimi Hendrix to Kirk Hammett, the Flying V has its own separate fan base. To know what the fuss is all about, read below. 


There is nothing extraordinarily different about the Flying V Pro 2016 T. However, it outshines all others when it comes to hardware. The traditional arrowhead headstock has six locking tuners. They are all Mini Grover ‘Green’ with a ratio of 14:1. It provides exceptional tuning stability for the player. On the other end of the guitar is a tune-o-matic bridge in a classic chrome-plated design. Along with it is a stop bar tailpiece which adds to the stability and gives excellent anchoring. Another perk of the Flying V Pro 2016 T is that on buying it, you will receive a free padded gig bag, from Gibson themselves. For a guitar as expensive as this one, you might have wanted and needed a hard case. Don’t worry, you can upgrade later if you want!

Neck and body

Back in 1958 when the Flying V was launched, it was instantly well-liked due to its body shape. The good news is that even in the Gibson Flying V Pro 2016 T, the body shape is more or less the same. The V-shaped body has been constructed with mahogany. You can either choose Wine Red or Ebony, they both have a high-gloss, nitrocellulose finish!

The shape gives you unhindered and complete access to all of the frets. There a total of 22 frets in the rosewood fretboard which has been oiled to help you give a slick performance. The fretboard itself contains a mahogany neck, glued-in. This provides a Slim Taper profile to the fabulous guitar. Moreover, the original neck at the nut has been retained which is perfect if you are serious about shredding. Though simple, the look of the Flying V Pro 2016 T is similar to the original Flying V.

Check the Price

The Flying V Pro 2016 T will let you show off your Hammett-inspired shredding and play a classic rock rhythm. It does not matter what you play, this guitar makes it all possible. The ’57 Classic humbucker will provide you with an even and warm tone. You will also have plenty of crunch which is often associated with the true Gibson sound. Simply put, the Flying V Pro 2016 T has a smokin’ hot output. It is the one to choose if you are looking for some intense solo sessions. Classic and heavy metal rockers will, no doubt, rock the stage or their garage with this guitar. Your set-up will not matter if you have this magnificent instrument in your arsenal. 


The electronics have been customized to allow you to pay a broad range of classic and vintage tones. It has two powerful zebra pickups that offer you Alnico II magnet, a Gibson special. This is associated with a selector switch that has three-way pickup capabilities. You can also control the volume with knobs and become the master of tone!


With a modern feel, classic sound, and traditional looks, it is not easy to pinpoint a flaw when talking about the Flying V Pro 2016 T. Gibson does not disappoint in terms of quality yet again. Though it has a quite hefty price tag, it is exceptional where craftsmanship, playability, and sound are concerned. If you are a classic or modern metal at heart, this is a guitar you definitely have to have.


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