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Friday, May 22, 2020

Pyle Store DJ Audio Mixer

Pyle Store DJ Audio Mixer is a Pyle 3-channel DJ sound controller and mixer with Bluetooth compatibility. This professional 3 channel DJ mixing equipment is a marvel of portability and wireless technology. It is a perfect way to professionally mix your audio from Bluetooth connected and mp3 devices with ease. 

Each of the three channels has its own independent crossfader and independent volume controls. The Pyle store DJ Audio mixer is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and works with all the latest gadgets such as your smartphones, laptops, tablets, and PCs with a hassle-free and straightforward pairing process. You can even play wireless online streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora from your smartphones or devices directly into this mixer. 

Pyle DJ Audio mixer comes with additional added features that make it stand out from other similar products in the market. These features include Bluetooth option for wireless online music streaming and a digital LED display, cue-select for your pre-listening, etc. 

This DJ mixer also has an audio streaming system that has aux inputs that are switchable between phono input and line level. The phono inputs that are for channel two are dedicated to turntable connection, and you can use the line inputs for connecting tape decks, MD or CD players.

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Pyle has equipped this DJ mixer with an audio line-in with dual phono RCA. It also comes with a balanced TRS 2 ¼” microphone-in, and even a flash drive or USB reader. You will also get a 1/4” headphone jack built into the device. 

The only issue we found with this audio mixer is a bit of a lag when you use a wireless headphone to listen to the mix. 

We can say with surety that you can buy this product without a second thought. However, you must always buy it from a reliable source. Check if the seller offers you warranty and how convenient will it be for you to return or exchange the product in case you are facing trouble with the piece that is being delivered to you. We would again say that the key to getting the right equipment is to do complete research when buying this or any other product. 

You can buy Pyle Store DJ Audio Mixer at an online marketplace such as Amazon at a very affordable price. It may cost you up to $60 with additional shipping costs depending on the online seller. 

Whether you are a novice into audio mixing or a professional DJ, we would recommend that you can buy this DJ mixer without a second thought. It is a lightweight product with a quality built and with some of the best functionalities and features that a DJ can ask for. Plus, it offers compatibility with both manual means and latest technology gadgets for versatile use.


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