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Friday, May 22, 2020

Link Dream Headphone Stand

With the ever-growing computer accessories market due to the gaming platforms, there’s a remarkable increase in the customer demands and mindset for better technology, style, display, and durability. And Headphone manufacturers are really taking it up a notch by introducing high end headsets into the market every single day and with all luxuries and demands, the headsets have become an expensive asset to keep and is now necessary to keep it safer than ever. Keeping the exact needs in mind, Link Dream has introduced a full aluminum headphone stand which is made for the purpose of keeping your precious headsets (whether for gaming or any other media related usage) safe and protected with occupying a very small amount of space on your computer desk.

The Link Dream Headphone Stand from top to bottom is manufactured with Aluminum which makes it light weight, high resistant to corrosion and durable as compared to the others. With its elegant and classy aluminum design, the 3.1 inch headset holder has a soft TPE pad protection, a 9 inch tall stand bar, a sturdy 4.3 inch diameter sold and sturdy base makes it a perfect choice for any desk to hold headsets of all kinds without causing any damage or deep crease to the headphone headband even after a long time.

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With its 3.1 inch wide holder, the stand is perfect to hold any headphones without the fear of them falling off and getting damaged.

The soft TPE pad protection on the holder serves as a cushion which protects your headphone headband from a deep crease even if the headset is placed on the holder for a very long time.

With a tall 9 inch aluminum stand bar, the stand has the ability to hold any headset no matter the weight.

With a 4.3 inch diameter solid sturdy base with silicone pads mounted at the bottom, the stand has the perfect grip on any surfaces ensuring that the stand won’t fall over.

The stand comes disassembled with the holder, stand bar and base, taking only 10 seconds to assemble wherever you want.

Designed with aviation aluminum with precise cutting through CNC molding and hand polish, the stand has been designed as scratch proof increasing its durability for a longer period of time.

With its overall design and look, the stand works as a symbol of style and elegance on the user’s computer desk.

Not only holding its own on your computer desk, the stand also makes the headsets pronounced.

With its remarkable features and durability, the stand comes at an extremely reasonable price making it an even easier choice for the buyers.


There are no disadvantages of this product but one and that is not giving it the care that it needs. No matter the product or the material used to manufacture it, everything requires care and if not taken care of, the product loses its durability. Therefore, it must be kept in mind to take care of the stand by not putting too much weight on it and avoid touching it with oily hands or end up spilling ketchup or sauce on it as we all love having snacks or sandwiches while we are using our systems.

Things to consider:

Before you end up buying yourself a product such as Link Dream Headphone Stand, it is worth checking whether it fulfills your need and is something necessary for your system table or you have enough space to fit it in. Although, this stand is manufactured to hold any headset, there’s always some local brands out there that manufacture headsets with some unusual styles and designs. Therefore, you must double check if it is suitable for your headset or not.

Is it worth it?

If this is the first time for you finding out about Link Dream Headphone Stand, you may end up asking yourself whether buying it is a good investment or not. The answer is yes, because if you have a high end system with one of a class headsets whether for gaming or listening to music then it deserves the care and safety. Link Dream headphone stand not only adds a safety feature to your headset but also adds up as a spectacle to your computer desk, showing off your choice and likeness towards class and elegance.


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