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Friday, May 22, 2020

Odyssey DJ Mixer Case

This is a DJ mixer case by Odyssey, and the model is FZ12MIX. This flight zone single case for DJ mixer holds most of the standard 12 DJ mixers. Now you can transport your twelve-inch DJ mixers in style anywhere you want. This is a foam-lined mixer case that features a bottom with slant-angle that lifts the rear of your mixer for an easier in-case display and viewing of all the controls and functionalities. 

It has a stackable lid that doubles that can turn into an elevated base in case if you have those lower tables or if you are a tall DJ. It has 12.5 inch fits mixers widens up to 18.5 inches depth. It’s an interior mixer well height of three inches. The lid’s internal height is 2.5 inches.

This casing also features stackable ball corners, an interior with full-foam lining, and recessed latches and hardware. 

The dimension of the Odyssey’s DJ mixer case has dimensions with a width of 16.13 inches, a diameter of 21.75 inches, and a height of 9.50 inches. The total weight of the case is 19 pounds, and the shipping dimension will be approximately 16.75 inches wide, 22.50 inches in diameter and 10 inches height. 

The shipping weight maybe around 22 pounds, so it is a heavy piece of equipment and a sturdy one. The case is constructed with silver hardware, and it has removable panels with 12-inch format DJ mixers.

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Some of the best features and benefits of this mixer are as follows:

Black and Chrome exterior design

It has a removable V-cut front access panel

It has ball corners that are heavy-duty, to say the least.

It has recessed latches and handles. 

Bottom ventilation mixer pit

Bottom interior storage

Comes with adjusting foam strips for player and mixer

Case walls are approximately 3 inches high around the mixer

The height of the lid interior is 2.75 inches

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty

The only disadvantage or a bit of hassle is the weight because it is such a secure and well-designed case that it all adds up to the weight of 19 lbs. But if you are a pro DJ, then you are probably used to carry heavy equipment on the road anyway. 

Being a talented DJ is not just about playing the music but also to know how to handle your DJ equipment, mixers and other devices as well. A DJ is as good as the equipment he plays on. Therefore, you must always do your homework when buying pro DJ equipment or devices. 

This casing is one of those things; you may come across many counterfeit products, so we recommend that you are careful and buy from a reliable seller online. Always check the reviews and see if the seller offers proper warranties. Also, look into their return and exchange policies in case the product is not satisfactory, or it arrives damaged in the delivery. 

You can buy Odyssey’s DJ mixer case of Amazon, and it may cost you approximately up to $170, excluding any shipping costs. So do check what your seller charges you for shipment and delivery.


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