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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Black Rose A Rock Legend, Imported Edition by Thin Lizzy

A nineteenth studio album by Thin Lizzy, the Irish rock band “Black Rose: A Rock Legend” was released in 1979. The imported edition of the album was re-released in 1996.

The hit tracks of the album “Waiting for an Alibi, Roisin Dubh (black rose), do anything you want” and six more are also included in the imported edition. The second song of the album “Phil Lynott” was written about one of his family members “Sarah” and “Shades of a blue orphanage”, the very first song of the album written about his grandmother “Sarah”. The album reached number 2 in the UK charts.

The last song of the album “Roisin Dubh” is a traditional song composed by Lynott and Moore. Another song of the album “Will you go lassie go” is also a traditional song written by William MC-Peak and recorded by Francis McPeake. The album earned favorable reviews by the magazine Hot Press. Smash Hits remarked the album as “Memorable Melodies” because of the traditional tunes in the album. The magazine All Music described the album as Thin Lizzy’s true classic album and praised Moor’s as “a perfect fit”.

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Lynott recorded twelve studio albums and wrote most of the songs. The single track “Whiskey in the Jal” is a traditional song “waiting for an alibi” and “the boys are back in town” became super international hits. Tracks of the album commence with thundering rhythms by drummer Brian Downey and Lynott. The drum roll introduced unique composition “S&M” driven by flange drenched starkly brutal lyrics and rapid funk music.

Thin Lizzy is a hard rock band that was formed during 1969 in Dublin Ireland. The two founding members, a bass guitarist and lead vocalist Phil Lynott and drummer Brian Downey were met in school in the early 1960s. Lynott was born on 20th August 1949 in West Bromwich England. 

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