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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga at the top for Rain On Me

Many heartfelt congratulations to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for reaching the top on the Official Singles Chart this week for their brilliant hit song, Rain On Me.

DaBaby’s Rockstar featuring Roddy Richh was at Number 1 last week. However, Rain On Me swept the world by its feet with 70,000 chart sales. It seized the title of becoming the biggest ever single by an only-female collaboration in the United Kingdom and setting a record for streaming numbers on opening week. They recorded 8.1 million plays in a week. Moreover, Rain On Me also became Lady Gaga’s first-ever single released to debut at the top of the chart. 

After hearing the news, Lady Gaga was on cloud nine. She revealed that the day she wrote the song was when she had been ‘crying water like misery’. It was difficult for her to believe that her song had made it to the top. She thanked everyone for celebrating her song and giving it so much love. The hitmaker also said that the song was a gift for people to try and be happy in these trying times. She expressed hope that the whole world was enjoying her song right now as much as she was enjoying the love it was getting.

Rain On Me is another single from Chromatica, Gaga’s new album.

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga both have been awarded the honor of having six singles at the top in UK. Rain On Me has reached new heights similar to the works of Britney Spears, Rod Stewart, and Queen. In the past six years, this has become the first-ever all-female collaboration to hit the top charts. The last single where Grande joined hands with Nicki Minaj and Jessi J was Bang Bang released in 2014. It too, became number one in the UK back then. 

In other news, S1mba’s single with DTG, Rover reached new heights by landing at number 3. Other songs that climbed the charts and were amongst the Top 20 were Kid & Gracey’s Don’t Need Love, Nathan Dawe and Jaykae’s Flowers, Breaking me by Topic and A7S, and various others.

Of the Top 40 entries to have come in this week, KSI claimed three. This happened shortly after he released his debut studio album by the name Dissimulation. Number 15 was snatched by Houdini Ft. Tion & Swarmz. Cap ft. Offset came in at Number 24, whereas Aiyana-Lee’s featured Killa Killa debuted at Number 27. 

Many other singles climbed the charts this week. This included Party Girl released by StaySolidRocky, a 19-year-old rapper from the U.S. He rose six places and snagged Number 28. Regard & Raye’s Secrets also made the list by going up five to Number 25. Unsurprisingly, Weeknd’s In Your Eyes lifted itself up 10 spots and came to Number 29. Weeknd also had a song right above In Your Eyes which was a remix created by collaborating with Doja Cat. 

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