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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Lady Gaga pulls the plug on album party owing to ongoing U.S. violence

Lady Gaga had planned to have a virtual album playback party this Friday. But, to show her support for the cause of George Floyd and the protesters, she canceled the party. People close to the singer said that learning about the heartbreaking violence in Minessota had upset her. She was feeling quite emotional and raw because of the tragic incident. 

The hitmaker had been excited to host a get together with fans online where they would listen to Chromatica, a new release. However, due to the current events and the ongoing violence in the country, she has announced a delay. Gaga declared her support for George Floyd, the African-American who suffered death as a result of becoming the target of white police officer’s brutality on Monday. 

It was reported that protesters who were outraged by the incident set a police precinct on fire on Thursday night. In the meantime, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted threats to activists that are leading and supporting the movement. His actions brought heavy criticism on him. The Stupid Love singer revealed that when she woke up to all this chaos and drama on Friday, she was not in an album-release or celebratory mood. Thus, the postponement of the virtual party.

Gaga wrote that as much as she was looking forward to listening to her new release on a global group ‘kindness punks’, it is the world that needs more kindness at the moment. She had postponed the party session indefinitely and has urged everyone to register to vote. She encouraged people to raise their own voices against injustice. 

The superstar thanked her fans for the support they have shown to her. She was happy for the fact that the album had made people happy with the current situation at hand. Moreover, she promised that the listening session will be rescheduled soon and she was very excited about it. 

Only hours before Lady Gaga wrote spoke out, Taylor Swift had also voiced her opinions on the George Floyd incident. She too criticized Trump and condemned him for his tweet regarding the protesters. The leader of America had posted “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” which outraged Taylor Swift and numerous others around the world.

The Blank Space hitmaker returned to social media to call out Trump. She accused him of encouraging racism and white supremacy to run rampant in his entire time at the office of the president. She questioned his guts to threaten violence at a time like this. Furthermore, like many others, she too stated that the country would vote him out as president in elections to be held in November.

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