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Friday, December 20, 2019

Top 20 iTunes Artist Raises Funds for Dyslexia with Amazon Prime Video

Over the years, Ed Roman, a Canadian musician has been a champion of a number of causes. He has helped teaching music to children and delivered humanitarian aid in Jamaica. He has also assisted in raising funds for veteran through the organization known as Heart Songs for Veterans. Through his press interviews and music, Ed has successfully created awareness for global sociopolitical and environmental issues. Now, Ed has focused on a cause that’s very near and dear to him and is trying to raise awareness and funds for it. What is this cause? Dyslexia.

Ed himself is dyslexic and he has chosen to refer to it as ‘The Gift’. Ed has partnered with The Whole Dyslexic Society (WDS) with the release of Red Omen on Amazon Prime Video, which is his award-winning animated music video. A portion of the Amazon Prime rentals and sales of the music video will be donated by Ed to WDS. For more information, you can visit  

Ed stated that he was sure that this could turn into something extraordinary, as long as everybody loved, helped and supported it. He added that the project was a lot bigger than him and a lot of effort had gone into the project.

The mission of the Whole Dyslexic Society (WDS) is to offer a central and coordinated approach for addressing the needs of dyslexic people, their families and their communities. They also aim to provide a safe place for accelerated education, healing, learning, social interaction and support of individual development and growth. The contributions that are made to the society are used for fulfilling these objectives in order to ensure that anyone suffering from dyslexia is able to find a program according to their needs, no matter what their financial position may be. 

Ed and Nelson Diaz directed ‘Red Omen’ with There Be Dragons Creative Media (Sponge Bob, Kung Fu Panda 2). The animated music video managed to win a number of Winner, Semi-Finalist, Official Selection Status and Finalist awards at film festivals all over the world. These include the Cult Critic Film Awards, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, Jersey Shore Film Festival, Lift Off Amsterdam and several more. The song itself reached the Top 20 iTunes Canada Pop Songs chart. Ed himself has won several awards and his songs are uniquely crafted because they blur the lines between different music genres including folk, rock, pop and country music.  

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