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Friday, December 20, 2019

Brady Novotny Announces his Debut Album ‘Passions Collide

Last Christmas, the Pittsburg-based guitarist and songwriter performed in front of a crowd of 20,000 people as a member of the worship team of Victory mega-church and ended up winning the hearts of many. The stage is definitely not a stranger to the worship leader and he is quite familiar with the world of music performance. As a matter of fact, the guitarist virtuoso has been heard by thousands of fans since he is a nationally-touring musician. 

The singer has now released his debut album known by the name of ‘Passions Collide’, which features the lead single ‘Redemption Cry’. This song features the exquisitely haunting and beautiful voice of Brady’s wife, Jennifer. She has a passionate voice and it blends perfectly with the soulful lyrics and the guitar notes played by the magical hands of Brady himself. 

Most of the album is instrumental and it vividly depicts the love Brady has for his guitar. There are only two vocal singles that you will find in the album, which are engineered and produced by Dave Granati (Granati Brothers, G-Force). Brady has represented all the styles quite well in this album and has done so with an inspirational and positive message, including jazz, rock, classical, flamenco and Eighties-style shred. 

Brady’s extensive experience in the music industry has made things easy for him. He has worked as a guitarist at a number of mega churches, a Worship leader as well as a session guitarist in Pittsburgh. The variety of music styles he uses has made him unique and he makes very compelling music. The 80’s style has influenced him greatly, even though his song color and chordal choice ended up being Jazz. Passions Collide will be released on February 14th, via MTS records. 

Brady hasn’t just influenced a single community of people with his single-music style as his unique combination of various styles has appealed to thousands of people. MTS Management Group’s Michael Stover was also full of praise about Brady and his eclectic style. Find out what he said at 

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