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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Why Parents Should Encourage their Children to Learn to Play the Piano

Every parent wishes to see their child excelling and living the life that they truly deserve. Teaching your kids new skills works great towards childhood development. This is why many parents choose to enroll their children in programs and lessons that help them acquire new skills.

Any parent with a passion for music loves the idea of getting his/her child to learn an instrument, specifically the piano. With so many Singapore piano lessons at home for children available, parents in Singapore are forced to wonder why learning piano is so common.

Well, new studies have revealed how piano lessons can benefit a child in the long run. If you are still on the fence about whether to encourage your child to learn the piano or not, here are some benefits of learning this mesmerizing instrument:

1. Performance at School

According to a study conducted by a Harvard neurologist, children that spent 15 months trying to learn a musical instrument showed positive changes in their neurological development. Not only that, there is sufficient evidence to prove a direct relationship between musical training and better grades at school. For children that learn to play piano, their math skills progress significantly. Why this happens is still a mystery but in general, children learning to play the piano are better at science, math, as well as, engineering in the long run.

2. Language Skills

A study conducted on Mandarin-speaking children who were given piano lessons for a period of 6 months showed extremely impressive language skills. Not only that, but your child will also become skilled at reading music and develop a passion for music.

3. Co-ordination & Concentration

Playing the piano requires a great deal of coordination and concentration. Your child will learn the art of staying patient in the midst of failure as the piano is not an easy instrument to learn. Not only that, but the motor skills of your child will also develop significantly and he/she will be able to focus on the task at hand more effectively than his/her peers.

4. Observation 

Whilst learning how to play the piano, your child will have to differentiate between different tones and melodies. This develops their observation skills. When this happens, your child is found to be equipped with strong senses and is able to identify people’s feelings and emotions. Thus, it can be said that the emotional intelligence of a child who learns to play the piano becomes better.

5. Personality Changes

When your child acquires such a skill, he/she develops a higher self-esteem and carries more confidence. Speaking in public will be no longer a problem if you encourage your child to perform in front of an audience. Moreover, knowing that you have a unique skill that you have mastered will help your child feel better about himself/herself whenever faced with a situation that creates self-doubt. 

Giving your children the exposure to the right things and equipping them with beneficial skills can help them deal with the challenges that life has to offer. As a parent, if you motivate your child to play the piano, you will witness a massive impact of this new skill in their personality as well as how they lead their life.

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