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Friday, October 19, 2018

Top Reasons you Need a Taylor Guitar

In 1974, Bob Taylor founded Taylor Guitars in Southern California and since then, this premier brand has enjoyed a rapid rise in its popularity. A number of renowned artists rely on Taylor guitars for their signature sound whereas thousands of others use them for live performance and recording. Moreover, guitarists who are on the move also turn to Taylor guitars because they are easy to carry and also retain the vibe and power of a full-bodied guitar. Simply put, Taylor guitars are the top choice of guitar players because they are able to offer the comfortability they want, the tone they need and the sound expected from an acoustic guitar.

If you haven’t already tried out a Taylor guitar, you should definitely get one as these exquisite guitars stand out of the crowd thanks to their attention to detail and high quality construction. Some of the top reasons you need to get a Taylor guitar are:

They are considered as players’ guitars

These guitars have been designed for those who want to get the best out of their instrument. They are built with high quality, superior, tone woods and made for players of different levels who need a guitar that will last for a lifetime. Every single Taylor guitar has been designed with tonal quality and playability at the forefront.

Their sound improves with age

A Taylor guitar is not very different from fine wine, which means it will age beautifully. Thanks to the superior quality tone woods and light finishing process, these guitars evolve every year, whether they use Koa, Mahogany, Sitka Spruce or Sapele. This evolution mostly occurs because the wood is drying it out and water molecules are removed, which hinder the resonance and sound waves. Taylor ensures that all tone woods are dried and treated, but it is impossible to age a guitar. Over time, the wood hardens and starts responding to the way you play.

They use excellent tone-woods

Every single Taylor guitar has been crafted with attention to detail, which means that the most resonant ‘flavors’ of wood are used. International tone-woods are used in Taylor guitars, which sound fantastic such as African Ebony for bridges and fretboards, Indian Rosewood for sides and back and also Maple, Koa, Tasmanian Blackwood and more.

They are worth the extra investment

While there might be a couple of budget-friendly options in Taylor guitars, they are usually regarded as high-end. Every single one has been crafted with precision and uses industry-leading processes such as laser-cutting, computer-controlled milling, robotic buffing and spraying and numerous other manufacturing techniques to ensure they conform with the highest standards. Furthermore, since they last for decades, it makes them a worthy investment. If you have a budget issue, you can check out Black Friday deals on guitars as this will enable you to buy a Taylor guitar at a reduced price.
Thus, investing in a Taylor guitar is a wise decision for anyone who is serious about playing music.

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