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Monday, November 5, 2018

Current Top 40 Songs Hitting on Charts Today

The idea to explore current top 40 songs is to create a music sensation that is critic and mogul at the same time. It is frankly amazing to look at the amount of high-quality and original music coming from skilled songwriters, musicians, and unsigned artists.

Over the last couple of years, the majority of top songs on the charts has been steady trendsetters. Tracks that succeed to saturate radio airwaves by the masses are listed in continuous rotation to fascinate listeners. The majority current top 40 songs appeal to a wide range of audiences that often allows them in the music industry for capitalizing on the opportunity to find new fans. While they consist of some of the most popular music genres, true music lovers seem to have lost the luster for some of these genres.

The list of current top 40 songs signifies that all these tracks have a certain attraction that reflects the music trend set throughout the music history. Even so, it includes good jazz, blues, gospel, country, rap and other rock music styles from some great singers who are truly worth listening to even after months of their release.

Hoping to bridge the long gap among various demographics of listeners, we look to bring some of the good music in our list of current top 40 songs that are worth listening to as they have heartfelt meaning and sung by talented singers.

1.“Mariner’s Apartment Complex” - Lana Del Rey

“Mariner’s Apartment Complex” is a perfect song that will make you fall in love with your partner once again. Focus on its lyrics and you won’t be disappointed.

2.“ I’ll Never Love Again” - Lady Gaga

It’s what we call good music which goes for the ages. “I’ll never love again” is a heartfelt song which will make you cry alone every time you listen to it.

3.“Who Hurt You” - Daniel Caesar

This song is another proof of how talented Daniel Caesar is. “Who Hurt you” is a sexy single wherein the singer’s voice will remind you of legendary Frank Ocean.

4.“Trip” - Ella Mai

Generating the current top 40 songs listing was incomplete without adding Ella Mai’s “Trip” to it. The singer has lovingly made a sultry remix of her biggest single “Boo’d Up” which certainly calls for a round of applauses.

5.“The End of Love” - Florence & The Machine

It’s a heartbreaking song. If you love being in love with someone, feel the depth of your soul coming alive by listening “the End of Love”.

6.“Back to You” - Salena Gomez

It is lighthearted but a lovely vibe to have while driving home. Plus, its video has been popular to watch since it brilliantly accompanies an old Hollywood music video “rom-com-esque”. Truly worth watching!

7.“Shallow” – Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

This is an amazing song by the duo of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper who together has made “Shallow” unforgettable for years to come. With deep lyrics, heart-touching harmony, and awe-inspiring composition, it is just a skyrocketing song on all the charts.

8.“Summer Games” - Drake

Besides being one of current top 40 songs, “Summer Games” is one of the best singles of Drake’s 25-track album. Even though the song has a semi-upbeat mixing, it doesn’t distract you from loving its heartbreaking lyrics.

9.“New Light” - John Mayer

“New Light” is a healthy plea to Mayer’s crush to watch him in an entirely new way. Nice lyrics and good music!

10.“Stay” - Malone

Malone has always tried to bring something unique. “Stay” is a song that will make you cry even when you are in club with your girl.

11.“Girls Like You” - Maroon 5ft.Cardi B

“Girls like you” is a good song which is mostly heard in clubs where every single girl love dancing on this song. Hats off!

12.“Call Out My Name” - The Weekend

It’s a six-song love box that the Weekend dedicated to his ex-lovers Bella Hadid and Salena Gomez. “Call out my name” particularly reminds listeners of Gomez when the singer referred to her kidney transplant. All-in-all, it is a lovely song to listen to this year.

13.“Come See About Me”- Nicki Minaj

The song comes from Nicki’s fourth album “Queen” and has an exclusive standing in our listing of current top 40 songs.

14.“Moon River” - Frank Ocean

Released on Valentine’s Day this year, “Moon River” is a very soothing piece of beautiful lyrics and amazing harmonies.

15.“Love Lies” - Khalid and Normani

With so many amazing lyrics, “love lies” has been beautifully intoned by Khalid in collaboration with Normani who together makes a sultry vibe on their new song. The lead singer is best known with his debut album “American Teen” that was released in 2017.

16.“I like Me Better” - Lauv

This song is a positive head-bobber which will encourage you to think everything good about love. The music of “I like me better” has been made by the 24-year-old musician who will certainly not disappoint his fans.

17.“Faded Love” –Tinashe ft. Future

The singer of the song has put herself on the path with her previous solo “2 on” and has been busy in making her new music since then. “Faded love” is one of her highly anticipated solos that are set to release in 2018. 

18. “You Make It Easy”- Jason Aldean

“You make it easy” is the latest solo from Jason Aladean from his album “Rearview town”. It is a very romantic song and has meaningful lyrics with their pure depth. All in all, it perfectly signifies the feelings of country lovers out there.   

19. “ Believe” - Amen Dunes  

This is a great track from Amen Dunes new album “Freedom” and seems to be properly delicate and world weary. The music has been come out as the other side of the song that is not only a real classic but also an obvious recognition of the entire album.   

 20. “Can’t take a joke” – Drake 

There could be more obvious choices to include in current top 40 songs but we took “can’t take a joke” because of the catchiness of the singer that flows on this song. It feels like he is reading all the lyrics in one single breath. Really an amazing track!

 21. “Death Preferences” – State Champion 

“Death preferences” observes the warmth in a more descriptive way in music though the title itself does not any type of warmth. It is an actual sound and more of a vibe at the same time. The lyrics are in fact the real jewels that will weirdly touch our everyday life details. “Death preferences” makes listeners feel like they have been snooping on the whole town and that is certainly not a small feat.  

 22. “Get up 10” – Cardi B

A superb voice quality makes the latest song “Get up 10” by Cardi B simply amazing and worth listening to. The song is a special for those fans who haven’t heard of their favorite singer’s story as she has summarizes all her moments into its lyrics. Cardi is an amazing trajectory and has the ability to deliver what goes true with her personality.  

23. “God is a woman” – Ariana Grande

Unlike Ariana’s “The light is coming” which was a dud, her new song is straying too far from your wheelhouse.  “God is a woman” is a sampling from her new album that picks up new terrain for the songster while sticking to her guns at the same time. 

24. “Hate the Real Me” – Future 

“Hate the real me” is another piece of good songwriting from Future as he is said to be an amazing songwriter of the music industry in present era. This song is actually prepared in the collaboration with Zaytoven wherein you will feel Future’s voice has been receding and cracking over and over. While it is not something pleasurable, the kind of morality about the plea of self-medication he demonstrates is hard to pull off.  

25. “Happy Without Me” – Chole X Halle ft. Joey Badass

The song has all the shine of high-school humorousness as the love story of the duo reveals over different scenarios of after school flirting through its lyrics. Even so, the song is somehow what we call reminiscing about those relationships which usually do not end with happy scenes, showing an unexpected maturity.  

 26. “Hot Pink” – Let’s Eat Grandma

It is an experimental pop song that concludes the British singers “Let’s Eat Grandma”.  The lyrics of the song have a clumsy emergence of new love saturating the natural vocals and vibrating digital sonics that are executed with assurance. The duo artists brilliantly presented cutting edge conjunction of genres and emotions through the song that may seem awkward sitting next to each another. 

27. “King’s Dead” – Jay Rock ft. Kendrick Lamar

“King’s dead” is another single from Jay Rock that he has sung with real fun. The song feels more like scuffling through an ordinary box of baseball cards than the type of events listening that are meant to evoke.  Even so “King’s dead” is a potentially a great track in current top 40 songs of the year so far. 

 28. “Lemon Glow” – Beach House 

An artist’s relationship with music needs to be consistent, caring and innovative. “Lemon Glow” speaks to actuality of hypnosis with a bunch of time. 

 29. “Lifetime” – Yves Tumor 

With “lifetime”, Yves Tumor has genuinely captured the spirit of Bjork. Unlike his previous songs which were more of experiments, this song sketches fleeced into voiced collages. Its vibes feel like dominating over the intended messages.  Plus, “lifetime” has brilliant lyrics at many places, placing the singer in an entirely new realm. 

 30. “Missing You” – Robyn

No matter if Robyn has been away from the industry, her songs have never been too far away from the listeners. With “Missing you” she has picked up exactly what she had left off with an attempt to capture a spirit that is ahead of its time. Plus, the song best anchors in glittering disco music from 1980s at one time. 

 31. “Honey” – Robyn 

“Honey” is the final version which has many variations from the one first released long ago. This song is patient one which rides a high-speed vehicle to get closer to erupting but perhaps will not go full force.

 32. “Suspirium”  - Thom Yorke 

“Suspirium” is first single from Yorke’s new album which is successfully getting him on the soundtrack game, making the right music for him to choose. 

 33. “Moonlight” – Disclosure

With “moonlight”, Disclosure has made a successful return after three years. The song is the best example of his deep emotional music work with impeccable vocal sample and vibrant production. Bravo! 

 34. “Bag Talk” - Joey Purp

After the success of his 2016 Mixtape, Joey Purp comes with “Bag Talk” where he seems to be rapping over a winding piano level, stretching the scope of his voice to some of fascinating places.

35. “When I am with him” – Empress of return

This is a smart and concise pop song by Empress of return, which has honest and emotional lyrics. Overall, the song feels a timeless familiarity and exemplifies the way to write a pop song in present time.   

36. “Rank & File” – Moses Sumney 

This song is inspired by the first protest attended by Moses in 2014 where he felt himself like a camouflaged outsider who was performing a research of his own kind. “Rank & file” demonstrates all the unease of a protest building under a boiling soldierly beat. A worth listening song for those courageous people who like to voice for their rights! 

 37. “It Gets Better” – The Internet

Fascinatedly, “It gets better” feels like everyone is living in the world where it is really tough to face difficulties. Brilliantly sung by the Internet, the song delivers an inspirational message to its listeners.  

38. “Love it if we made it” – The 1975

The songster of “love it if we made it” successfully captures the feeling of endless dread that has been striking us from each angle in present time. Originally serving as a chorus, the song has managed to channel the online sardonic optimism.   

 39. “Charcoal Baby” – Blood Orange 

Dev Hynes is the star from Blood orange who made his identity with his first solo. His “charcoal baby” once again establishes that he is a talented singer. And this is the reason why we have added this song to our list of current top 40 songs. 

 40. “Apeshit” – Beyonce & Jay Z 

“Apeshit” is another hit song by the duo of Beyonce and Jay Z whose video was shot in front of the white artwork in Louvre Paris.    

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