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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Top Ten Songs 2018: An Irresistible Collection of Melodies

While we may feel the latest music has just heated up over the radio waves, there is a slew of new music releases to have a good time. In fact, it is tough to make a collection of top ten songs 2018 since we have receiving so many musical surprises from today’s big stars. From the biggest hits like Ariana Grande and Calvin Harris to indications of imaginatively effective albums of Janelle Monae, we see the most part of the year offering a large assortment of melodic riches.
Below we come with an irresistible collection of melodies that certainly holds a ranking the top ten songs 2018 too.

1. “I like it” – Bad Bunny, J. Balvan, & Cardi B

This song is one of the biggest hits of the year which too have the highest standing in our top ten songs 2018 collection. In fact, it revives Cardi B’s presence among the most raving stars these days since her debut album “Invasion of Privacy” puts plenty of hits in her lap. With “I like it”, the singer produces a wildly danceable track and has brilliantly merged salsa foundations with its base music. The amped up contributions of rapper Bad Bunny and J Balvin have given a fascinating shape to the song, assisting Cardi to get additional kick from her signature delivery which is completely filled with her unique personality.

2. “Done for Me” – Charlie Puth & Kehlani

Entering the top ten songs 2018 charts, the soulful pop star Charlie Puth establishes that he has an earworm ability to write songs. His “See you again” is a great example of how magically he gives words to what he feels. That song smartly went compatible to his passion for school days’ jazz and funky beats. For “Done for me” on the other hand, Puth sings in collaboration with Kehlani to produce a romantic, smooth, and groovy duet that has been getting listeners’ toes tapping since its release.

3. “Pynk” – Janelle Monae Ft. Grimes

Undeniably, “Pynk” is the best song from Janelle Monae’s collection so far. Taken from her album “Dirty Computer”, this song makes her subvert fans to expect over precision. In fact, the main reason for why “Pynk” stands out in the list of top ten songs 2018 is that it is a different kind of anthem, sung in the collaboration with indie pop band “Grimes”. The stars together unabashedly celebrate the female anatomy, delivering with lyrical sparkles, queer love, and an amazing song video. Thanks to the brightness, pop synths and sugary sweetness vocal delivery, the song is still shining after months of its release.

4. “Moon River” – Frank Ocean

Supporting on numerous layers off-kilter lyrics, Frank Ocean terrifically stretches and deploys the delicate song and its wistful vocals into a musical piece that appears like another era of innovation and experiments. With “Moon River”, the singer has genuinely breathed in a new life into a 60s classis by Henry Mancini. So many frills of “Moon River” give it a special ranking in all charts of top ten songs 2018.

5. “One Kiss” – Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa

In our collection of top ten songs 2018, we have a duet song from Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa with a strong position at number 5. The stars worked together to come up with something really great. “One Kiss” is a romantic track containing catchy tunes from 90s, smooth vocals, and meaningful lyrics. The pop star Dua Lipa has a rich voice tone which gives an easy float over the temp while the Scottish DJ does such an amazing job with his woozily danceable music. Thanks to its uncomplicated message which the stars have to convey, “One Kiss” is an irresistible song from top ten songs 2018.

6. “No Tears Left to Cry” - Ariana Grande

This is a purely emotional and classical track from Ariana Grande that gives plenty of space for her vocal sound to sheen with awe-inspiring beats. The hit maker Max Martin is said to be the great supporter of Grande as he helped the singer achieve that delicate pop transformation. While the pop singer is still waiting for her most-anticipated album to strike the market anytime, “No tears left to cry” has already reintroduced her to desired triumph.

7. “Lemon Glow” – Beach House

The electronic duo of Beach House is known for making subtle and dreamy pop hits over last ten year. “Lemon Glow” comes from their seventh album and gets a significant ovation for its dark, harsh beats and impressively bumped composition. Ranking at number 7 in top ten songs 2018, “Lemon Glow” alone is enough to occupy its place, making you to listen to the song again and again to discover its hidden pleasure.

8. “It Runs Through Me” – Tom Misch ft. De La Soul

The identity of the British singer-cum-songwriter Tom Misch is more of a jazz instrumentalist than anything else. “It Runs Through Me” is an undeniable evidence of its mastery relaxation that comes from his album “Geography” released in April this year. It is indeed fortunate for us to add this master piece to our favorites from top ten songs 2018 which has made the listeners feel truly privileged too. “It Runs Through Me” is a seductive blend of soulful melody, has elegant bossa-nova beats, and mesmerizing instrumental sounds, and a silky vocal of Misch, making it a real classic of all times.

9. “Nice for What” – Drake

Making something great of a radical philosophy in his song “Nice for What”, Drake has been really busy in preparation of his upcoming album “Scorpion”. With some of the reminiscent of his previous tracks, this song is not only up-beating and chilling one for his listeners but also has been a part of all charts of top ten songs 2018. “Nice for What” too have a savvy move which gives it a relic feel with a musical balance. All in all, Drake delivers a unique message through his highly quotable verses of the song.

10. “Coco Channel” – Nicki Minaj

When it comes to listing top ten songs 2018, Nicki Minaj makes a must entry. While her new album didn’t get a better standing in hit ones, “Coco Channel” managed to roar as a hit club-beat. The song has somehow helps Minaj come back with fire and make spitting the lyrics that remind listeners of her early days.

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