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Thursday, November 8, 2018

11 Best Movie Songs of All Time

Songs can make or break any movie. Some music rescue bad films and make good ones even better. There are so many memorable movie songs that are almost impossible to get out of your heart and head. Amazingly, there are many examples when good songs produce good story lines too that filmmakers have actually turned the lyrics into a movie. There are several examples of the best movie songs that were earlier a part of music albums of a singer or band and then chosen to make into movies. These include McCall’s Convey, Kenny Rogers’ the Gambler, Woody’s Guthrie’s Pretty Boy Floyd, Bob Dylan’s Hurricane, and Vicki Lawrence’s The Night the Lights.
Listed below is our collection of the best movie songs of all time. Many of these are winners of some of the prestigious awards like Grammy and Academy Awards.

1. “Over the Rainbow” – Wizard of Oz

This is a 1939’s famous song from Wizard of Oz that has been successful in making a special standing in all charts of the best movie songs of all time up till now. Harold Arlen and Harburg together penned down its lyrics while Judy Garland performed the song at her best. “Over the Rainbow” catches us in hopes, making us forget everything about the West’s wicked witch. There are only few songs from past or present that can reach the level of this track which allowed Judy Garland to climb the ladder of stardom.

2. “When You Wish Upon a Star” – Pinocchio

Taken from 1940’s movie “Pinocchio”, this song is an Academy Award winner and an honorable pick for our collection of best movie songs. Thanks to the extraordinary talents of Leigh Harline, Cliff Edwards, and Ned Washington, this song has as beautiful composition as nature. With the lyrical magic along with the vocals and dreamy melodies, “when you wish upon a star” is also famous as Disney’s chorale for last seventy years.

3. “Moon River” – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who can forget 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s that received an extraordinary appreciation in the film industry. Likewise, its “Moon River” is a truly memorable song which was co-written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. People say that one of the executives wanted to remove this song from the movie but Audrey Hepburn wanted to keep it in so he had to fight for it. Besides being one of the best movie songs. “Moon River” is also one of those songs that won both the Grammy Award and Academy Award in the category of Best Song of the Year.

4. “Copa Cabana” – Cocacabana

This is another amazing track that secures a special ovation in our best movie songs collection. “Copa Cabana” is an adult contemporary, pop song from 1978’s album “Even Now”. Featuring a showgirl named Lola; the video of “Copa Cabana” shows Tony and Rico getting into a deadly fight over that dancer. The lyrics, music and vocal won Barry Manilow the Grammy award for the best male pop vocal performance too.

5. “Edelweiss” – The Sound of Music

“Edelweiss” is a combine presentation of two music stars who together written and performed the song – Hammerstein and Rodgers. It’s from 1965’s hit movie “The Sound of Music” that took a backset to more popular melodies, such as “My Favorite things”. Even so, the song with its symbolic talents won the Oscar award for the best song.

6. “Alice’s Restaurant” – Alice’s Restaurant

Intended to increase festive celebration, this Grammy award winning song is everyone’s favorite. In fact, Guthrie has done a fabulous job in making “Alice’s Restaurant” real fun to enjoy. The singer also appeared as an actor in the same titled movie in 1969. In simple words, the song is not only one of the best movie songs of all time but also is the mother of funny songs that have ever produced the film industry until now.

7. “What a Feeling” – Flash Dance

This song is a melody that inspires people to find themselves working out to in their mid-eighties. “What a feeling” is an amazing addition in the best movie songs of all times that encourage us all to get up and dance as we listen to it. Irena Cara in collaboration of Keith Forsey and Giorgio Moroder wrote its lyrics and sung it too. Unsurprisingly, “What a Feeling is a song that hugely contributed to the success of “Flashdance after its release in 1983.

8. “High Hopes” – A Hole in the Head

A comedy film “A hole in the Head” from 1959 has numerous good songs but “High Hopes” is the one that left everything beyond in success. The song has inspirational lyrics, co-written by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen. With “High Hopes”, Sinatra also proved that he can also sing very well, bellowing out the melody. Plainly put, it was a hit track that turned out his hopes higher for a reason.

9. “New York” – New York, New York

Our best movie songs collection also includes the title song of 1977’s movie “New York, New York” that made every American to become a part of it. The American singer and actress, Liza Minelli provided her melodic vocal to “New York, New York” while Frank Sinatra composed its tune, apparently embracing it as one of his best theme songs.

10. “Seasons of Love” – Rent

“Seasons of Love” is a surprise entry in our best movie songs collection since it is not really unexpected to realize that a Broadway melodious-turned film would come with numerous good songs. Nonetheless, 2005’s “Rent” houses a few memorable tunes, with one song “Seasons of love” by Jonathan Larsen standing out from the rest.

11. “Under The Sea” – The Little Mermaid

This is one of the best movie songs that have ever come out of the films so far. Samuel Wright has sung “Under the Sea” so well whereas its beautiful lyrics by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken reveal the real talented of its writers. It is perhaps the perfect depiction of a completely new world existing under the sea and its frills. The song was produced for 1989’s hit film “Little Mermaid” and secured Academy Award for the Best Original Song.

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