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Monday, November 5, 2018

5 New Music Releases of This Week

If you appreciate listening to good music, you have, not doubt, been in love with new music releases by top singers. The music industry, for some time now, seems to be exciting to take a risk on something that is really innovative. Plus, it has been working with what it considers to be tried formulas that are useful in marketing music, such as pictures and packaging.
In present time, most new music releases belong to those artists and bands that do their own songwriting and work together with the industry who coaches them into some acts. For that reason, the result is nothing more than just stimulating. In this article, we will check out new music releases of this week including those we known as singles, albums, and DVDs.
Artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Busted have made their big returns. We also see Slipknot making a surpising return with “All Out Life” which is their first new album in 4 years, and Hailee Steinfeld with her new release “Back to life”. Then there are Luis Fonsi and the Diamonds with their new song “Baby”.
With an assortment of numerous music albums being released lately, it is pretty difficult to gather all in a small piece of writing. Here we have listed 5 best of the new music releases of the week.

1. More Blood, More Tracks – Bob Dylan
It’s a big surprise for the fans of Bob Dylan who got fame from his wide ranging Bootleg series. The volume 14 of his “More blood, More track” is a gateway to one of the most tangled and shadowy stories in his career. It has 6 discs with complete recording sessions for 75’s “Blood on the Tracks” and 87 songs in total. To some music reviewers, this box is exhaustive but fascinating too since it sounds amazing because of its careful remixing job. Besides music, Dylan has done a fantastic job with his constancy in rewriting and creative flow which seems to be capturing warts. Overall, the album has hours of fascination for awaiting music lovers and the music comes with all the answers to the questions surrounding the mythos of the album.

2. Interstate Gospel – Pistol Annies
The band speeds up a rapid pace by releasing two albums in two years which is quite opposite their announcement of taking a break after the release of their debut album “Annie Up”. So, once again, the trio of Angaleena Presely, Miranda Lambert, and Ashley Monore has come with their new box “Interstate Gospel”, making a place in our listing of new music releases of this week. As mentioned above, they too write their songs for themselves preferring to channel their love life, their loss, and disappointment into a set of tracks that live with foreseeable compromises and long-term rewards of maturities. Songs like “when I was his life” and “Commissary” reveal the pain of loss due to sudden divorce. Even though, the music doesn’t seem be followed in a straight line in both in the wordings and the music, “Interstate Gospel” is a fully realized and resonant album that goes to Pistol Annies’ best to date. It’s just a piece of work by three singers who wrote their songs and sung them with strong personalities and a common sensibility.

3. Walls – Barbra Streisand
As an honest supporter for the protection environment, women’s right, civil right, and peace, Barbra Streisand brings all these passions to her 2018 album “Walls”. This is undoubtedly, one of the best album from this week’s new music releases because it has singer’s deeply heartfelt feelings about today’s state of the world. Plus, the album is a lushly fashioned and thoughtful one that consents the Grammy winning songster to strike a pleasantly heartfelt tone with an extensive appeal. “Walls” is a blend of freshly intended originals and caringly curated covers that reminds us of the senior-modern pop music the singer has been champions of throughout 70s and 80s. obviously, the singer has amazingly delivered the orchestral title song with a Broadway level act which serves as a supplication to bridge our personal difference instead of confining ourselves off. On the whole, “Wall” has both the warmth and sadness of singer’s performance that suits the subject of the album and speaks about her skills to clearly communicate her message to her audience.

4. My Mother the Vent – Guttersnipe
The duo of Guttersnipe has given a rocking entry to this week’s new music releases” with their new album “My Mother the Vent”. Both the musicians together make a completely terrifying group of rock sound which blowups with untainted strength. They yell their brains out activating different types of wavering synths. With an amazing and a near supernatural sense of chemistry, Uroceras Gigas and Tipula Confusa play pointy, splayed guitar phrases and bash out knotted, hyper drum rhythms. It is really hard to mistake both the artists for anything as their “ My mother the vent” is an unconditionally atrocious debut album which is going to rock for long.

5. 8 Regards Obliques – Etienne Jaumet
At number 5 in our listing of this week’s new music releases, we have the fascinating jazz music sounds of “8 Regards Obliques” by the great artist Etienne Jaumet. The title song of the album combines the reinterpretations of Miles Davis’s classics and other legends providing various perceptions on time-tested harmony. The album especially Caravan by Duke Ellington even mesmerizes those listeners

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