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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tina Turner was Forced to Visit a Brothel

It has come to light that Tina Turner was forced by her husband, Ike Turner to visit a brothel on the night of their wedding.
She married the deceased musician back in 1962 when she was 22-years old. The two tied the knot in Tijuana, Mexico and spent their first night as husband and wife watching a live sex show at a brothel. The What’s Love Got To Do With It hitmaker was so disturbed by this that she suppressed the whole thing. Tina confesses that in order to cope with it, she replaced the memories of the show with a fantasy of a romantic getaway.
While talking about the incident, she narrated that people had no idea the kind of a man he truly was. He dragged his newly wed bride to watch a live pornographic show hours after reciting their marriage vows. Through it all, the music icon recalls sitting in that filthy place wondering exactly the kind of a man she had made the mistake of marrying.
Tina also discusses how her wedding ceremony was not what she had imagined it to be. She could not figure out why Ike would want a quick ceremony in Tijuana but to question his reasons was not something she was going to do. Afraid of getting beaten up and having bruises on her face on her wedding day, she did not complain about tying the knot there. Even to this day, she is unsure whether the ceremony was legal and why Ike had chosen to exchange their vows there.
After suffering for 16 years under her husband’s dominant and abusive nature, Tina decided to divorce Ike. In 1978, the two went ahead with divorce but, the music icon did not ask for any kind of settlement or alimony as she just wanted to be free of his hold once and for all.
Tina is now happily married to Erwin Bach, the German music executive who gave up one of his kidneys ensure that his wife survived and did not end her life as she was planning to, due to several health woes.

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