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Sunday, October 7, 2018

M.I.A Tells Her Story in Her Documentary

M.I.A, the rapper hopes that her new documentary by the name Matangi/Maya/M.I.A will allow people to know her story. She wants people to know of the struggles that she and her family went through while living in a war-torn Sri Lanka.
Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasm or popularly known as M.I.A joined forces with Stephen Loveridge, the director to make a documentary that shows her rise to fame from being a Sri Lankan refugee. The Paper Planes hitmaker was only 11, when she fled the ongoing war in the country and came to U.K. in 1985 with her mother and siblings. Her father, who was reported to be one of the founders of the Tamil resistance had opted to stay behind.
The global star hopes that her documentary will provide a voice to those who struggled and continue to struggle because of the war. M.I.A confessed to Deeyah Khan, the filmmaker that the documentary also contains actual footage that was shot during her return to Sri Lanka in 2001.
The rapper believed that it was vital for Sri Lankan refugees to have a voice and have their stories told. She shared a heartbreaking story of her 13-year old cousin who was living in the country during the civil war saying that he explained that the food was so scarce there that every time a fruit fell from a tree, they had to race the animals to get to it first.
M.I.A had first gotten her education at film school before joining the music industry. Which is why she tried to document the situation in Sri Lanka after the war but due to strict media policies in Sri Lanka, she was unable to make any progress. Therefore, she turned to music to make something of herself and gain a voice. She is still being widely criticized for telling the story as people keep pointing fingers at her suitability. A Sri Lankan official also made a comment about the rapper sticking to her job and just making music. However, as a prominent figure in the society, M.I.A argues that it is up to her to speak out for those who struggled. She says that since politicians just sit in an office and give orders not caring about the situation in the war zone, or the people there, it is her responsibility to shine the spotlight on the struggles faced by the people and hence, give them a voice.

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