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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gary Barlow Suffered a Nervous Breakdown

Following the tragic death of his daughter Poppy in 2012, Gary Barlow had a nervous break down four years later.
Gary discusses that after losing their daughter, he could not deal with it head on and therefore decided to throw himself into his work. He took care of his wife and kept himself busy with his music. He explains that while his wife, Dawn, grieved and dealt with their daughter’s death, he, himself was not strong enough to face the loss.
The 47-year old recalls how happy he felt when he held his daughter in his hands for the first time. Gary and Dawn spent an hour with Poppy before she was taken away by nurses. The next 24-hours as Gary puts it, were painful for the parents. The final straw was when he saw his wife holding Poppy’s lifeless body in her arms and willing her to wake up. That was when a grief-stricken Gary decided to pick up on more work in order to distract himself.
However, it was not just Poppy’s death that devastated the musician. His father too passed away which left him even more upset. When he got to Los Angeles, Gary had a nervous breakdown which then caused him to sleep for the next 22 hours. When the doctor questioned him about anything significantly painful happening to him in the past five years, Gary told him about losing his father and daughter.
Gary also added in an interview that the past caught up to him, and that no one can ever outrun grief.

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