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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Arrests Made in Connection to Burglaries

A total of four people have been arrested as they were suspected to primarily be connected to the burglaries that took place at Christina Milian and Rihanna’s home.
In the past two years, several celebrities have been victimized by burglars living in or near the Los Angeles area. Christina Milian and Diamonds hitmaker were amongst those who were targeted. In September, Rihanna’s property in Hollywood Hills was broken into by burglars while in August, Christina’s home in San Fernando Valley was targeted twice in a time span of four days.
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) have now made arrests of the suspected burglars inclusive of two 19-year olds Tyress Lavon Williams and Jshawne Lamon Daniels along with Damaji Corey Hall, 18. The three allegedly burglarized the home of Robert Woods, the American footballer in Woodland Hills on 27th September. The following day they were pulled over by a police officer. Two days after their arrest, Damaji Hall’s mother, Ashle who is 34-years of age was also arrested.
On the 2nd of October, 2018 in a press conference held by the LAPD, the Commanding Officer of the Commercial Crimes Division, Lillian L. Carranza stated that the burglars would use a tactic known on the streets as ‘flocking’ to case the houses. They would drive around the area in luxurious cars wearing designer and expensive clothes to make sure that they did not stand out. Once a house was selected as the potential target, the burglars would make use of a larger vehicle to change into hoodies and more subtle clothing to ensure that they were not recognized. The vehicle would later be used to load up the stolen goods and drive away. Within minutes, the burglars would grab any valuable that they could get their hands on and then leave as quickly as they came, before the alarm companies could alert the police.
According to the Commanding Officer, the suspects were most likely responsible for burglarizing the homes of Rihanna, Christina Milian, Yasiel Puig the baseball star and Matthieu ‘M.Pokora’ Tota, the French singer. The authorities claim that they recovered designer jewelry, handbags, watches along with $50,000 in cash when they searched the homes of one of the burglars. A stolen vehicle was also found during the search. The Police believes that they also came across a list of potential targets including Viola Davis, Matt Damon and LeBron James. The recovered properties were displayed in the conference.
While the teenagers were charged for burglarizing homes, Ashle Hall was charged with grand theft, according to sources. Furthermore, Tyress Williams pleaded not guilty to the four felony counts made against him for burglary in the first-degree, on Tuesday. It is believed that the suspects are a part of a much larger burglary ring which could have been responsible for the plague of robberies that has victimized several other celebrities. The investigation is still open and progressing. The Police are hopeful that they will be able to uncover more information and make more arrests of the people responsible.

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