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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are Officially Married

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have officially been wed despite the fact that they have been denying the claims for the past few days. The couple is said to have officiated their wedding last month.
The pair had gotten engaged back in July. But, were speculated to have tied the knot when they were spotted exiting a marriage license courthouse in New York. When questioned, the bride to be had denied it, but now sources have revealed that the couple are actually married. A preacher from the Nyack College, Jefferey Quinn was said to be present at the ceremony while Josh Kohl, Justin’s friend from Los Angeles acted as his witness.
Justin and Hailey’s lawyers were asked to prepare prenuptial agreements but before the paperwork could be processed, the couple had tied the knot. Now the pair are refusing to prepare a postnuptial agreement, claiming that they do not need one. A source close to Justin stated that the singer is so in love with Hailey that he believes that they do not need one. The newlyweds are now planning to hold a proper ceremony for their wedding given that they have already exchanged vows.
The confirmation for the couple’s marriage came when Justin introduced Hailey as his wife while in Ontario. The couple were visiting the Stratford Perth Museum on Sunday when the Sorry hitmaker introduced Hailey to the officials explaining that she is his spouse.
The officials shared a picture of the pair in the museum stating that they were glad that Justin and his wife decided to join them. Witnesses say that the pair spent around 45 minutes looking around the exhibits and having an unofficial meet and greet with fans after which they drove to the local airport and were seen boarding a private jet.

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