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Friday, September 28, 2018

Threats Made to Lily Allen and Family

In recent news, Lily Allen claims that her children were threatened because she publicly apologized to an Afghan Immigrant on behalf of the government of UK.
It is no secret that the singer has been vocal in the past with her criticism against the British government but her recent comment caused quite a storm. While on a visit to a currently demolished refugee camp in 2017 in Calais, France, the singer met a 13-year old Afghan. After hearing what the teenage boy had been through after escaping the Taliban, Lily was touched and fazed by that cloud of emotion, she apologized to the boy stating that she was sorry for what her country’s government had put him through.
Though the comment was made offhand, Lily Allen was then slammed for making such a comment by various individuals, inclusive of politicians. In her new memoir, My Thoughts Exactly, Lily has revealed that it was not just her who was the target of the backlash but her children as well. The singer’s kids, six-year old Ethel and a five-year old Marnie were threatened several times.
The singer opens up that following the comment she made to the Afghan boy, everything she said on social media was twisted and phrased to mean something else. She was bullied and made fun of, along with being humiliated. Everything she posted, Lily explains, was ridiculed and scrutinized. She had often been accused of having a political agenda behind anything she posted even if it was not even remotely related to politics. Furthermore, the artist states that people would often used violent terms, while stating the many ways that they thought she deserved to be punished in. Often, her kids were dragged into the threats and were publicly objectified. As a result, Lily was disturbed.
The singer clarified that consoling words that she had said to the migrant did not have a hidden agenda. But, she admitted that she had meant what she had said. Lily acknowledged that the statement had been poorly phrased but she did not approve of the bullying that followed nor the threats made against her children.

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