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Friday, September 28, 2018

Lady Gaga Secured Gigs by Pretending to be a Manager

The Born This Way hitmaker recently shocked her fans by revealing that in the beginning of her career she would pose as manager in order to secure gigs for herself.
Following the release of her debut album, The Fame back in 2008, the singer quickly sold a large number of records, winning hearts everywhere. Lady Gaga has also received multiple awards going down as one of the best-selling music artists in history.
But before her glory days, the singer actually named Stefani Germanotta resorted to using a quite unusual tactic to ensure that people listened to her music.
Such was her desperation, she confessed, that Gaga would often call up people declaring that she was her manager. She would use a fake English accent and talk up herself to the person on the other end of the phone. The artist clarified that she only resorted to using that tactic because she wanted to be known for her music. Being rejected repeatedly for acting jobs, and tired of lugging her piano around New York City knocking on doors, she decided to pretend to be her own manager.
However, the 32-year old eventually landed a role in a television show back in 2016, by the name American Horror Story: Hotel. The role was played so well by the actress that she even won a Golden Globe for her acting skills. On the other hand, Gaga’s upcoming movie A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper is believed to be her biggest part yet. Ally, played by the singer will star with Bradley Cooper’s Jackson as the actor makes his debut as a director.
The hitmaker also explained how she landed the role in the movie saying that they were sitting in her kitchen, eating leftovers and discussing life when he randomly started singing and decided to star together.

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