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Monday, September 3, 2018

Lana Del Rey Cancels Performance in Israel

Lana Del Rey has decided to cancel her gig at the Israeli festival due to political controversies.
Her announcement to perform at the Meteor Festival in Tel Aviv had caused widespread criticism from people all over the world. However, the most vocal of these was the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) Movement. The movement primarily campaigns to prevent any cultural or monetary connections with the Israeli Government and hence, urged the singer to reconsider performing in Israel.
The singer initially argued that by performing in Tel Aviv she was not hoping to make a political statement, but promote peace. However, when that did not work, Lana decided to settle the conflict by announcing that she would visit Palestine on her way to Israel and perform for the people there.
In a recent news burst, Lana revealed that her tight schedule is not allowing her to perform in Palestine, because of which she also backed out of performing in Israel as well. She stated that she wants to make her fans happy, whether in Israel or Palestine and hence, she will not perform in one country without performing in the other. The gig has been cancelled until further notice.
On the other hand, the Meteor Festival will go on as planned. Celebrities such as Pusha T, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington and Soulwax are scheduled to appear. The organizers of the Meteor Festival, however, are not happy with the fact that Lana cancelled on them at the last minute. They went as far as to accuse the singer of agreeing to perform at the festival in the first place, as a way of seeking attention for herself by triggering controversies about her intentions for performing at the event.
So far, Lana has said nothing to defend herself against this accusation.

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