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Monday, September 3, 2018

Bishop Publicly Apologizes to Ariana Grande

The Bishop who officiated the funeral of the late legend, Aretha Franklin was accused of being inappropriate with singer, Ariana Grande. After being called out for groping the hitmaker, the Bishop issued a public apology.
The music icon’s memorial service was held in her home town in Detroit, Michigan at the Greater Grace Temple. A number of celebrities performed at the event on Friday including Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande. However, before the God is a Woman hitmaker went on stage to perform her rendition of the legend’s song A Natural Woman, she was seen conversing with the Bishop, Charles H Ellis III. Photographs of their conversation show that while talking to the 25-year old, the Bishop placed his hand a little above her waist and squeezed her chest from the side. The pictures also depict an expression of discomfort on the popstar’s face.
Several people on social media were outraged by the incident due to which, not long after the news went public, the Bishop apologized for the way he acted. He said that he was sorry that he came off as trying to grope the artist, whereas that was not his intention. In his defense, the preacher stated that he hugged all those who attended the ceremony, irrespective of their gender.
The apology was issued to not only the hitmaker, but her fans and the Hispanic community as well for being inappropriate and also, for making fun of her name. He had previously joked at the ceremony to Ariana that when he read her name on the program, he thought it was something that Taco Bell had introduced. The singer laughed at his joke before giving him a hug. Nonetheless, the Bishop apologized to everyone that he had offended with the joke, especially the Hispanic community.

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