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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Choosing the Best DJ Controller for Beginners

Technology has rapidly changed the way we live and carry out our everyday life’s tasks. The realm of DJs has absolutely not been an exception to this aspect. With the increasing popularity of digital equipment based DJ setups, there are various tools that are more convenient and versatile than ever before. They are particularly perfect for beginners and those who are still not very efficient at their DJ job.
There is an assortment of components that most DJs use to slice and dice beats and create awe-inspiring shows beyond the limits of records. Usually, a DJ setup consists of a DJ controller, mobile device, turntables, DJ media layers, computer, and a DJ headphone. Likewise, DJ mixer, powered speaker system, DJ software and an audio interface are some other components in the list. In this list, we will cover DJ controllers - one of the most important hardware you will be plugging into the PA.
With so many DJ controller options available these days, choosing the right equipment can be daunting. That’s why we have designed an exclusive DJ controller guide enlightening three of the best equipment with their basic features so that you can choose the best possible gear for your perfect entry as a DJ.
1. Numark Mixtrack3 DJ Controller
This high quality DJ gear comes with all necessary features to provide the beginners a perfect all-in-one experience. The controller comes with Virtual DJ LE and Numark remix toolkit. It has two units for scratching to vie with turntables. You can easily adjust the pitch and tap into the loop. It has a solid mixer in center, and is compatible with PC and Mac. While you may not find too fancy options with Numark Mixtrack3, there are all basic features needed for a perfect DJ beginner show. These include cross-fader, 3-band EQ, 16 effect controls, USB power, 16 rubberized pads, and a huge plus.
2. Traktor S2
Released by Native Instruments in 2011, this is one of the best DJ controllers available on the market. It has a 4-deck workflow that makes it compact with decks C and D. The Traktor S2 is the summarized version of Kontrol S4, and comes with Tracktor Pro S2, Tracktor Pro 2, international power adapter, USB 2.0 cable, and loop collection. With the Tracktor software, this unit is even better. The Traktor S2 has very flexible system which allows DJs to communicate MIDI over USB and mix two different tracks and loops. Because of its stress-free use, the Traktor S2 is a perfect choice for beginners.
3. Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8
With the affordability and great functions, the Hercules DJ control is another favorite pick for the beginners. It has some nice jog wheels, max, hot cue, manual loop, and many cool performance pads on the top of it. The controller comes with DJUCED software and excellent mixing units. It has a long-lasting build with all basic features. There is a high quality 4-deck control and nice audio interface too. The Hercules DJ control Instinct P8 is compatible with different systems like Mac and PC.
With the above DJ controller guide you can walk through the buying decisions and find the knowledge needed to buy the right DJ gear with confidence.

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