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Monday, September 24, 2018

Hillary Duff Accuses Unidentified Man of Stalking Her

Actress and singer Hillary Duff, who is now nine months pregnant has called out a paparazzo for stalking her for hours and making her feel uncomfortable. She claims that a man in a yet to be identified grey car followed her all day while she ran her everyday errands and was visiting family members. The Younger hitmaker finally confronted him after being spooked, by asking him to not invade her personal space, a video of which she posted on her Instagram.
The clip that Hilary posted on 22nd of September, this Saturday showed her pleading with the alleged stalker to leave her alone as she is ill and expecting at the same time. However, the man protests stating that he wasted his morning trying to get a decent picture of her, which he still had not. The actress, fuming, the simply retorted that that was not her problem.
After Hillary’s confrontation, the man did leave her alone but the singer was not satisfied. She insisted that it is not okay for someone to be stalked the way she was, whether they were a celebrity or not. Furthermore, she ranted that the man had showed up at her son’s soccer game, after which he followed her to her sister’s house and waited outside to take pictures of her. The snapper followed her around once more as she left her sister’s house to run some errands.
The artist fumed that just because she is a celebrity does not imply that she should have to put up with having her personal space invaded. Hillary was unhappy regarding the fact that had it been any common citizen who was not celebrity who was stalked the way she was, the law would have taken action against the stalker.
Sources cannot confirm if the singer has decided to take any legal action against the man who allegedly stalked her for hours. However, Hillary is due to give birth to her first baby with Mathew Koma, on Friday. The soon to be born baby girl will be half sister to her son, Luca.

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