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Friday, August 17, 2018

Simon Cowell is Hopeful About a One Direction Reunion

Simon Cowell announces that there is hope for a One Direction reunion since such a legacy is far too important, and legendary for the group to forego.
The X Factor judge mentored the group back in 2010. It was his idea to put all five boys into a single band when they auditioned on the show. For the next few years, he oversaw their rise to stardom, as their advisor.
In 2016, however, the band members decided to take a break and pursue their solo careers. As of late, they have been releasing solos or partnering up with various other singers for duets. Despite the fact that there has been no mention of a reunion, Simon believes that it is inevitable and that one day soon, the five will share a stage, whether it is until retirement, or just a few shows.
In a recent interview, the music mogul could be seen gushing about the five boys, appreciating their individuality. He also showed some excitement regarding the reunion, declaring that when the group did decide to regroup, it would be a grand event that would surely lead to all eyes being on One Direction alone.
While Simon is currently working with Louis Tomlinson, former One Direction star, it is said that he has his eyes on a new talent, Courtney Hadwin. The young British singer impressed him and his fellow judges in a recent audition by laying down her vocals to a rendition of Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag by James Brown. Courtney is now rumored to be in the top favorites to win the current season of America’s Got Talent.
When questioned about the rising new star, Simon admitted that Courtney’s performance was one of those few rare moments where he’s felt that he’s finally found someone who can have a major impact on the world.

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