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Friday, August 17, 2018

Nicki Minaj’s Mother Fighting to Save her Son

Nicki Minaj’s mother has publicly declared that she is going to appeal to the judge to her son Jelani’s conviction of child rape rescinded.
As of last year, Jelani has been accused and found guilty of sexually assaulting his 11-year old stepsister. He is to serve 25 years in prison for the crime that he has committed. However, the rapper’s mother has openly announced that she will fight for her son’s acquittal.
In an interview with host Charles Fisher, Carol Maraj stated that she believed that her son did not get a fair trial. She accused the jurors of making up their minds without taking the complete evidence into consideration. Furthermore, the defense, in her opinion was not even given the opportunity to lay down their arguments properly.
Nicki’s mother is all set to sue for a mistrial as she now allegedly has proof from a juror on the panel that the other members of the jury had had access to media material against Jelani because of which, even before the prosecution began its opening statement, they had decided that her son was guilty. In addition to that, Carol is of the opinion that the DNA evidence presented at the trial was purely inconclusive and circumstantial, at best.
The convict’s mother and lawyer, David Schwartz are looking to overturn the sentence on the basis of misconduct by the jury. Another important detail that has come to light is the fact that the panel was not locked away throughout the duration of the trial, considering the media attention that this case was receiving. Carol called out the court for not alienating the jurors given the circumstances surrounding this high-profile case.
The rapper’s mother has also publicly expressed her disapproval at the fact that her daughter was absent from the trial and did not show up to support her brother.

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