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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Aretha Franklin’s Memorial Service to Take Place in a Museum

The Queen of Soul’s family is planning to hold a memorial service for the beloved singer at a museum in Detroit, Michigan.
Aretha Franklin passed away at her home in Detroit. She was fighting a battle with pancreatic cancer which she lost on Thursday, days after it was reported that the 76-year-old was seriously ill.
According to a source, it seems as though her family has already picked out a location for the Respect singer’s memorial service. It will be a public memorial taking place at the Charles H. Wright Museum of the African American History in Detroit. It is the same place where the public viewing of Rosa Parks, civil rights activist, was held following her death in 2005.
Some sources revealed that a traditional church memorial was not what Aretha’s family had in mind as thousands of mourners are likely to show up. Considering that, the museum is the best option. Aretha was a frequent visitor at the museum too.
There is supposed to be a lot of singing at the funeral and it will be an open casket. However, the date is not set yet.
The Blast has revealed that extra security has been brought in by the officials at Swanson Funeral home in Detroit so that nobody has access to Aretha’s remains. Her body was collected by white company hearses on Thursday.
Glynn Turman, Aretha’s ex-husband, who was married to the singer from 1978 to 1984, recalled his visit with her during the final days while appearing on the U.K. show Good Morning Britain via video call. He mentioned how strong Aretha was and while holding her wrist which was not more than skin and bone at that moment, was full of life. He said he got the sense that Aretha was fighting all the way.

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