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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Lana Del Rey Defends Israel Gig

In recent news, Lana Del Rey has decided to perform at the Meteor Festival held in Israel, thus defying those boycotting the country.
The singer gained the attention of the activists by the name Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, that work against Israel by campaigning amongst individuals and organizations to sever all cultural, economical and political ties with the country due to its supposed violation of human rights. Since the government was allegedly involved in the mistreatment of Palestinians, the BDS movement tried to convince Lana to cancel her performance. However, it only made her all the more determined to stage a show in Tel Aviv, next month.
On Twitter, the Video Games hitmaker addressed her criticism by stating that she was not going to Israel to make a political statement with her performance, rather, she hoped that this gig would help promote peace and give off positive vibes.
Lana openly declared that performing in a country does not mean that she agrees with any of their policies or supports any of their actions, referring to the policies made by the Israeli Government against performing in the US. The singer stated that performing in California does not, in any way mean that her beliefs align with those of the current government in the States. It is no secret that she does not support the existing president of the United States, Donald Trump. After implying her dislike for the former businessman, Lana went on to mention that this was not a political statement of any kind.
Not long after the singer posted her answer to the criticism she was receiving, lead activists from the BDS movement tweeted to the star requesting her to cancel her show in Israel because of the heinous acts that their government allegedly committed against the citizens of Palestine. Though the campaign is no more than a decade old, it has been able to influence a lot of groups in the States due to the support it receives from renowned artists like Brian Eno and Roger Waters who have denounced other singers for performing in Israel.

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