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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Katy Perry Confesses Dr. Luke did not Rape her

Katy Perry has just recently revealed that even though it was widely believed, she was never raped by the hitmaker, Dr. Luke.
The Roar hitmaker accepted that she is fully aware of Kesha’s ongoing legal battle with the producer, whom she claims slipped her drugs and then sexually assaulted her. However, Katy declared in a redacted statement released on the 27th of August that despite the fact that Kesha gave a detailed explanation that Katy was also raped by Dr. Luke, it was all untrue. She furthermore denied that the reports that suggested that she was drugged by the producer were all incorrect and that she had never indulged in a romantic or sexual relationship with Luke.
The Tik Tok hitmaker however, maintains her claims against Luke that he drugged and raped her. The music producer too filed a lawsuit against the singer stating that her claims carried no evidence and were only jeopardizing his career. Rumors have been encircling this case that Kesha allegedly told Lady Gaga that Katy Perry was also raped by Dr. Luke.
When deposed, Lady Gaga clarified that the CEO and chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, John Janick had claimed that he had heard rumors that Dr. Luke had sexually assaulted Katy Perry. In a text to Kesha later, Lady Gaga passed on the rumor and also apologized that she had dragged Katy into the spotlight. After the text messages were released, the frustrated Poker Face hitmaker was also found to be frustrated. She protested that she had simply mentioned the rumor and it had been portrayed as the truth. Lady Gaga went on to declare that if she ever had any knowledge of anyone being raped, she would never announce it in public.
On the other hand, John Janick in his own deposition stated that he had only ever met Katy Perry once and had never been directly told that she had been drugged or raped by the music producer.
Dr. Luke’s lawyers have announced that Kesha’s suit filed back in 2014 claiming that he took advantage of her was bogus, which was why she voluntarily withdrew it from court. They said they believe that it was only Kesha’s attempt to gain public attention and to put the producer under pressure in front of the media so she may also get paid in the process. The lawyers are now demanding that the defamation lawsuit against Kesha should be processed as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Kesha continues to claim that she was taken advantage of and that not only that, but several other stars such as Pink also do not like working with the music producer because to them, he seems a little strange.

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