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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Celebrities to Participate in Suicide Prevention Campaign

It has been revealed that several celebrities have been chosen to participate in the second annual campaign for mental health awareness that also includes a suicide prevention program by the name, I’m Listening.
To mark the initiation of the National Suicide Prevention Week, Alessia Cara and Mike Shinoda have been chosen. The vocalist from the band Linkin Park and the singer will lead the two-hour long broadcast that is set to air live on Entercom, on the 9th of September.
Other celebrities from the music industry that are scheduled to make an appearance on the broadcast are Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars, Charlie Puth, Bebe Rexha, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Mike McCready. In addition to these, several songwriters will also be taking part in the campaign. Furthermore, a panel of psychologists has also been hired to assist these celebrities. Barret Robins, the former NFL Player and Olympics Swimmer, Michael Phelps are also set to participate.
After the broadcast, the year long campaign will be discussed in detail. Public service announcements will be made regarding the mental health issue. Along with that, website, helpline numbers and other relevant information will be given for those seeking help for themselves or someone they know.
In the year 2017, Pearl Jam lost Chester Bennington to suicide, in relation to which Mike McCready opened up that he discusses his battle with darkness and grief in detail in his new solo album that recently debuted, Post Traumatic. The hitmaker stated that people lose more lives to suicide than they do to natural disasters, murders and wars put together. He believes that his journey discussed in his album will help people deal with their grief and problems in a healthy way. Furthermore. Mike was adamant about helping people not only through his songs but conversation too, as it would create awareness about mental health in general.
Meanwhile, the Here songstress Alessia confessed that she knows what it is like to be stuck inside your own head, nitpicking through the rumbling chaos. She admitted that she too has battled with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, both of which led her astray inside her own mind for a while. The star further opened up saying that she does not want anyone to go through this battle alone and wishes to reach as many people as she can and help them. Hence, the collaboration with Entercom.

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