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Friday, August 31, 2018

Ed Sheeran to Star in a Movie

In recent news, Ed Sheeran has said to be taking acting classes to play himself in an upcoming movie.
Previously, the singer was widely criticized for his short role on the TV show, Game of Thrones after which he shut down his Twitter account. The fans protested that Ed’s role showed no subtlety at all. But, now he has learned to act in order to be in the movie directed by Danny Boyle. He has announced that this new role has triggered his best efforts and will prove to people that he has improved since his cameo on Game of Thrones.
Needless to say, Ed is very excited by this role. He confessed that the cameo was just filmed in a day, on Game of Thrones and on Bastard Executioner. On the other hand, this role required him to spend more than 12 hours on set during which he learned the art of acting quite well.
The film, written by Richard Curtis stars Himesh Patel who plays the role of a musician who wakes up one morning and realizes that besides him, everyone on the planet seems to have no memory of who the Beatles are. Himesh’s character soon meets Ed and the two set off to retrieve the memory of the Beatles. However, the journey simply becomes a way through which Ed discovers his own talent and gets in touch with music.
The Shape Of You hitmaker is very hopeful about the movie. He says that he has put in a lot of hard work to ensure that he was able to pull of playing himself, not that there was much to mess up, according to Ed. He would perform for four days a week, and shoot the film for the rest of the week which meant that he was thoroughly exhausted by his tight schedule.

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