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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Simon Cowell Praises Mel B after Rehab Confession

After Mel B revealed that she would be entering rehab, Simon Cowell was all praises for her.
Melanie Janine Brown, also known as Mel B was a member of the girl pop group, Spice Girls. She split up with her husband, Stephan Belafonte in 2016. Mel B accused him of being verbally and physically abusive towards her. However, he denied all these allegations.
She confessed that she would be joining rehab for post-traumatic stress disorder after she reached a crisis point. After the conclusion of this season’s America’s Got Talent, she will go to U.K. to seek treatment.
Her judging panel colleagues had to say a lot about her. Simon, the head judge, praised her for being so professional.
He called Mel a trooper and said that she comes to the show, leaves everything behind and focuses on the contestant. For that, Simon has a lot of respect for her being so professional.
In the latest episode of America’s Got Talent, Mel did not mention anything about her disorder or rehab. Her judge panel colleague, Howie Mandel, called Mel a very strong and wonderful lady. She went on to say that she admires Mel a lot, and whatever Mel wants from her or needs from her, she is going to be there.
The model, Heidi Klum, shared similar sentiments. She said that she has been Mel’s friend for a very long time and is going to be always there for her and help her with whatever she needs help in.

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