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Monday, August 27, 2018

Charlie Puth is Unsatisfied with his Own Music

Charlie Puth opened up about the fact that according to him, he is not as great of a singer as everyone considers him to be. In fact, the singer finds it hard to believe the praises he receives for his music.
Earlier this year, Charlie’s album Voicenotes was released which turned out to be a huge hit and captured the fourth spot on the music charts in Britain and America. The album was thoroughly praised by people throughout the globe. It did not only captivate the fans, but the critics as well. However, Charlie finds it hard to believe that the album is as good as everyone says it is.
In a recent interview, the popstar revealed that even though he is appreciative of all the good reviews he receives, he finds them hard to believe. He confessed that no matter what it is that he is working on, he manages to find a problem with every lyric he writes, every tune he plays, and every note he composes. Charlie referred to himself as a tortured soul and admitted that despite the fact that he does not understand the praises that his music garners, he has learned to be grateful to everyone who likes his music.
The artist explained that since nothing he ever does is good enough for him, he uses song writing as a distraction from all the negative thoughts that circulate his mind whenever someone says something to praise his music.
Charlie says that he projects the image of who he wants to be in his songs. For example, if he is sad, the hitmaker will write a happy song. Negative thoughts often cloud Charlie’s performances and that is something that he is working to improve by tricking his brain into feeling the opposite of what his heart feels.

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