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Monday, August 27, 2018

Burglars Target Wiz Khalifa’s Home

In recent news, Wiz Khalifa’s home has been targeted by burglars. He is now amongst the several stars whose homes have been broken into.
Wiz Khalifa’s house in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles was recently targeted by two men dressed in hoodies, according to sources. If not for the presence of a house-sitter, the burglars would have been successful in robbing the rapper’s house and scampering off with his personal belongings.
A friend of the rapper had been living in the house in his absence. He heard noises coming from downstairs, and on exploring the source, he came face to face with the two burglars.
Wiz Khalifa’s home is not the only one that the burglars have targeted. Other stars such as Christina Milian, French Montana and John Mayer have also been victimized in Los Angeles.
As reported by sources, the hitmaker of Dip It Low, Christina Milian was allegedly targeted by burglars along with her boyfriend M. Pokora in their home in San Fernando Valley. Watches and jewelry worth $100,000 were stolen from the couple.
Two men, heavily armed are reported to have broken into French Montana’s home in Calabasas situated in a community which is gated and guarded. John Mayer also had property and music equipment, inclusive of watches worth $200,000 stolen from him just several days ago.
On Tuesday, Bella Thorne also chased off a burglar from her home in San Fernando Valley. The singer/actress heard a window being broken, and when she left the house to investigate the disturbance, the culprit absconded. She immediately called the police but the culprit had already fled the premises by then.
Not only these, but stars such as Viola Davis, Shakira and Elizabeth Hurley have also been victimized by thieves throughout the globe. It seems as if celebrities are being specifically targeted.

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