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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How Tough Is Making Money with Music

Most musicians around the world tend to face big challenges in making money. With the latest scenario of technology-driven world, it has become even harder to sell music these days. The idea of streaming microphone to get for a true essence of music doesn't only belong to a huge competition that is getting tougher day by day but also involves the audiences and evolution that are becoming much harder to delight.

At present time, there are more varieties of music genres, more music artists in the competition and more complicated ways to sell musical stuff. If you are a musician and want to make money with music, then staying ahead of the curb and knowing most effective ways to generate the income from music should be the most important priority for you. Remember, you cannot heavily relay on a single option such as streaming microphone in night clubs, performing at live shows and demos though these methods can still be used to make some money these days. In order to get enough to compensate your financial needs, you off course need something more than touring from place to place every day or have the combination of all the above techniques.

Ways to Make Money with Music

Music licensing, music lessons, music streaming, live shows and gigs etc are some of the methods that can be used to generate income in collaboration with your band members or even alone.

Live Gigs

Live Gigs have a strong potential to pay you a good amount if you are capable of selling tickets for your event or pull off good crowd to attend the show. Though, it is a kind of risky option as you may fail to gather crowd or sell sufficient tickets to generate returns, it could still be enough for getting some bucks. However, you will need to work harder for strong marketing, promotions and referrals in order to help yourself get another gig in the near future.

Cover Gigs

Cover gigs have a growing demand around the world and it can also be an option to promote your band, though it is not really very helpful. Remember, when it comes to do cover shows as an independent musician, you cannot make your own choice. Under the supervision of right people, you can perform at different occasions and places such as bars, hotels, children's birthday parties, weddings etc and earn some good money.

Selling CDs and Demos 

If you are in job of playing live shows and performances, then you must have a demo ready in place. Though, the world has seen rapid changes in music related technologies, there are still lots of people who like to spend time in finding new music CDs and demos in addition to streaming microphone to get a unique feel of pleasure. While it's one of good methods to make a little income, you cannot rely on this heavily because the concept of physical sales is declining steadily in last couple of years.

Music Lessons

Usually, music lessons run couple of time a week and can earn a little extra income. You can teach music those who love to be musician, and make a strong bond with them. This way you can sharpen your own skills as well.


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