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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Hurls a Demeaning Remark on Slipknot’s Corey Taylor

In the new wave of hard rock and metal, Slipknot and Nickelback are two of the most famous names. Both these bands are known around the world and while their style of music does not match at all, they have managed to get into a beef recently.

Just recently, Corey Taylor from Slipknot, has indirectly given a reply to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger’s remarks during an interview. Corey did not resort to any lower blows but rather quoted one of the tweets from a fan where the fan was insisting Nickelback not to be honored with a response from Corey.

Another famous American rock band, Smash Mouth, has also given its input into the matter. However, Smash Mouth has shown its sympathy for Corey Taylor and his band Slipknot by saying that they believe Slipknot is nothing but a music icon of America.

The most needling remark given by Chad Kroeger was that he believed Slipknot was not a genuine band of musicians. He called them “gimmick” and also said that Stone Sour was a band inspired by Nickelback. He said Stone Sour was nothing more than Nickelback Lite. Stone Sour is a side project of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor.

It was during an interview with Metal Covenant that Chad Kroeger of Nickelback went into a tirade against Slipknot and more specifically Corey Taylor. He was talking about the diversity of his own band when Slipknot game up. To a question asked by the interviewer Chad said that he had not seen and experienced who was producing such diversified as Nickelback.

The interviewer, as a response to the statement given by Kroeger, quoted Stone Sour. The interviewer said that Stone Sour could be compared to Nickelback in terms of diversity of music. To this Kroeger responded that they were not diverse because they make such music but because they are trying to copy Nickelback.

He said that they were a good band but that Nickelback was on a completely different level. At the end of his response he labeled the band as Nickelback Lite. Kroeger then went into bashing mode and started to take out his anger that he seemingly had been holding against Corey and Slipknot for a long time.

He said to the interviewer that Corey had been very harsh to his band in his interviews. He even talked about a particular interview where according to him Corey called one of his hit songs an easy one. He then said repeatedly for Slipknot to come up with a song like that. He was getting really furious internally while talking about all this.

He took a stab at Slipknot by saying that this band had to resort to wearing masks and acting like crazy people on the stage to start their career. He said that doing such gimmicky acts was only a proof that the band did not have quality materials so they had to do something like this to get people’s attention.

He used some really harsh words and said that the band might have even been puking in their own masks while performing. He also said that when you have good music to do you don’t find cushion in the form of gimmicks. He then straightforwardly talked about Corey again and said that Corey was not liking the fact that he was not being recognized for his work and so he thought he had to come out from behind the mask.

He said that Corey Taylor started his band Stone Sour only to show his face and because he was not satisfied anymore while performing from behind the mask. The heated remarks have only come from Kroeger as of now. If fans are able to convince Corey to respond directly, things could really get messy between the two.

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