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Monday, June 12, 2017

Slipknot Front Man Corey Taylor Expresses His Disappointment with Donald Trump

The 2016 elections were a huge shock for the world. Not only a majority of American people but the rest of the world laughed at the notion that Donald Trump was campaigning to be the president of the US. And then it happened – Donald Trump became the president of the United States.

However, to this day the American people are on the roads against him and imploring for him to leave the seat. Most TV personalities don’t like him and even the people who used to like him and voted for him in the elections are not regretting their decision.

Trump’s recent move was the most disappointing and angering for the American public when he pulled the US out of the Paris Accord for climate. The nearly 200 countries of the world that are part of the accord work to reduce the carbon and greenhouse gas emission in the environment to protect the planet.

When the US moved out, Donald Trump said that it was in the best interests of America. However, he has faced a lot of criticism from even his own circles. The most disappointing thing for the American nation is that after pulling out of the accord, America has become only the third country that is not a part of it. Nicaragua and Syria are the only two other nations.

However, there are some details about the accord that provide some cushion to the decision Trump has taken. For example, the accord has proven to be ineffective as the greenhouse gas emission has been reported to have increased in the past year.

Some officials from Trump’s office believe that other countries should also take action like Trump and not be a part of the accord because it was not giving them any benefits. However, Barack Obama is one of the people who did not support Trump’s decision for pulling out of the accord.

Obama talked to the nation and said that he still believed that the American Government had taken the wrong step but the American nation will continue to move in the right direction. He said he believes that American people will continue to do things that are in the best interests of planet Earth.

Trump has been marching through various campaigns that were started during Obama’s rule, and shutting them down. Some believe that the steps being taken by Trump will bring back the time of coal mines and power plants in the country. Others believe that this industry will not able to live again.

Some of the biggest names of the world have spoken about Trump’s decision to pull out of the accord including the Facebook founder and owner Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg released a statement in which he thought that the decision taken by the US government was wrong. He said that such decisions have put the lives and health of their children in risk.

He went out to talk about his datacenters in his statement. He said whatever datacenters were working for Facebook used energy that could be fully renewed. He also said that the countries of the world will have to work as a community to thwart climate changes.

Bill Clinton left a tweet on Twitter saying that Trump administration had made a big mistake. He said that better than bringing back jobs today Trump’s administration should protect the future of today’s children because this way they will be able to find jobs too.

Even Joe Biden sent a tweet in which he said that the climate change could be felt today and that exiting the accord was only going to make the future unsafe for the world.

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