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Friday, November 18, 2016

Mary J. Blige files divorce over getting disrespect in her marriage life

Mary J.Blige has reportedly parted ways with her husband Kendu Isaacs when after she felt he wasn't respecting her in their married life. According to the singer, her 12-year marriage was a fractured relationship where she found no respect for herself, and therefore, she thinks it is the time to bring this soulless association to an end.

The singer filed divorce papers in a local court to officially terminate her marriage this year in July. Moreover, there's been a continuous legal fight between the estranged couple as Mary has also requested for $130,000 monthly spousal support in the court.

The No More Drama star admits that she has found Kendu a totally different man than the one she had loved and tied knot with 12 years ago. He appears to be completely different now, and she can't even believe if he was the same as she has known for years. Mary says she sees a really horrible man whom she's battling with in the court. She was talking to Loose Women: a U.K. based talk show earlier this month.

Following her chat in the said talk show, she was also spotted in "Good Morning America" a popular television show in the United States. During an emotional conversation with the host, she revealed that she was being disrespected in her marriage and this was the primary reason she felt she shouldn't have continued to walk down the aisle, and so she filed the divorce.

Mary says the breaking point in her married life when she kept asking her husband again and again to respect her and get respected but he always appeared to be like she was talking to a wall. She said that she even sometimes felt that she was beating a dead horse when requested him to be respected. And she thinks it's better to move on in life to have herself when she feels she can't get respect in the relationship. It was the point when she was like she is done with all efforts for her wedding’s survival and she just can't take it anymore.

The American songwriter is looking for support from her loved ones and has turned toward her faith to God to come out of the toughest time of her life. She is also trying to find happiness and comfort in her self-love.

Mary reveals parting out with former husband in such a terrifying way is just not that easy for her but God and her prayers are helping her get through all this. Moreover, her family, her loved ones as well as her fans are also there to support her. The star says she is doing everything to stay healthy and loves herself exactly the way she has been doing and taking care of herself. She is just getting the self-awareness that has placed her in a place where she is seeing everything clearly and this is what getting her through her tough time.

At present, Mary has joined Maxwell for a joint music tour and is taking to the stage every evening to perform on her hit songs as she believes staying busy is the only therapy for the star. The 45-year-old says being onstage has been very therapeutic and healthy for her as that's the place where she brings all her pain. She emphasized that she brings everything to the stage and to her fans who love her.

Mary says she has learned it from the audience who they come to the concerts with all their problems, their trials and tribulations. And she thinks it is where they heal and get better as Mary sees them leaving the arena with feeling good, and she goes and gets on her bus feeling much better than the moment before she took onstage, and so, this makes her feel it is indeed a place where she together with her fans gets better and grow.

In addition, Mary has refused to let the split bring her down in any means because she doesn't want to repeat what she has been gone through so often in her past. Concluding the discussion, she says no matter whatever it is, she is strong and she believes she has to stay strong and become the strength for herself. She had to save herself and now she is doing all to save herself.

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