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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jennifer Lopez Says She Wore a White Fur Coat to Give Birth to Her wins

The American Singer Jennifer Lopez was marked different when she left for the hospital wearing a white fur long-coat. She said she specially prepared herself in such a way to welcome her twins and was very excited for her babies' arrival.

The 47-year-old singer is famous for her efforts to always look remarkable and really "different" whether she walks on the red carpet or is busy in her off-road life. And for that reason, she even doesn't care if she is going though the most nerve-racking time of her life, she just keeps going with her best possible look.

The songster of "love doesn't call" during her talk to Harper's Bazaar revealed she is strongly connected to her favorite things of clothing; and told the magazine that she was working for her footwear collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. She says it may take us to the period of our lives while we like a nice outfit or choose a good track. Jennifer says she does the same thing with her closet as she walks in and she sees a hat or a coat, and she goes with it. Recalling her old days she says she still remembers she wore something on the day when something good happened, or she was walking down beside the road with some friends. She says like everyone, she also remembers what she heard her mother saying or what her boyfriend told her.

Explaining why she was saying all this, Jennifer says she wants to remember everything happened in her life as far as this point. Her twins Emme and Max were born in 2008 and they are from her former husband Marc Anthony whom she has parted ways a few years ago. She thinks of the day when she first welcomed her children, and since it was winter and everything was running through the middle of a snowstorm so she wore a white fur long-coat. As she was huge in size as she was full-term pregnant with twins, she didn't find anything else than that coat that she could be fit in.
Her Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez range is going to launch next year and will be available in stores from mid of January 2017. The multi-talented star's upcoming launch will reveal the closely hard work done by the singer in the collaboration with the shoe designer and some good friends. She admits she has closely worked with them so that she can create a line that will clearly reflect her visual.

Jennifer says she has a certain sensibility about the way she dresses up and designs. Moreover, she is just a kind of handed her sensibility to Giuseppe and he has perfectly taken out of all she provided him. She says people usually link her with shine and a little bit of street edge and something like that. She wanted to be certain that her collection had all that but then she found that several styles were giving a very glam and high-end fashion feel.

Jennifer has also passed her passion for fashion into her kids. Her 8-year-old daughter Emma is very fond of fashion and tries to follow her mother's footsteps in the walk to fashionable items. Jennifer gushes about her daughter's talent, and says she is having high hopes for her daughter's abilities. She loves fashion; she even wore her mother’s fashionable shoes when she first started walking. In fact, she is already in the process to learn how to sew. Jennifer beams saying you never know, she might be having a little designer on her hands.

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