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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Frank Ocean to Boycott the Grammy Award Over Failing to Get Nomination for His Album

The American singer Frank Ocean is to boycott the upcoming Grammy awards over failing to get recognized for his album. The awards' management did not take his album "Endless" and "Blonde" the song into consideration for any of the categories for this year’s ceremony. His visual album released last year had a super success across the U.S. but had no submission at Grammy awards that would be taking place next year in February.

Earlier Ocean's albums absence in the nomination was taken as a failure to notice on the part of Frank's record labels, organization or other legislative bodies but the songster now explains it is a deliberate decision of the recording academy not to submit his albums for consideration.

The star in a gossip with the New York Times newspaper says that he protests against the failure of organization to recognize and give awards to black artists. He also recalled that there are just a slew of black singers who were successful to win the award in the category of "Album of the Year" since he was born 28 years ago in 1987.

According to the singer, nobody can deny the nostalgic importance of the Grammy but now it seems it doesn't represent very well for black people who belong from where he does or hold down what he does. Ocean says he thinks the infrastructure of the awarding system is outdated. Moreover, the nominations as well as screening system are not updated on top. He insists he would rather like to be his Colin Kaepernick moment for the awards than sitting as a guest in the middle of the crowd.

The professional footballer Colin Kaepernick became the highlight of the news when he did not stand while the national anthem of America was played before the beginning of a football match earlier in 2016. Later the sportsperson explained why he kept sitting during the play of "The Star-Spangled Banner". He said he would not stand up to show respect in a flag for a state that has been oppressing black people and people of color.

The sportsman also boycotted the recent U.S. presidential election and avoided taking part in voting. He said he really did not care who would become the president of America as the system continues to remain same and oppress people of colors.

However, it is yet to see whether Ocean's boycott for the Grammy Awards will be promoting other black singers to follow his way to get rights of black people. Earlier Kanye West announced he would not attend Grammy if Ocean didn't get any nominations but this was then when everyone thought his albums had missed the last date for submission.

Kayne said he was telling people that he would not show up for the Grammy if Ocean's albums were not considered for any of the categories at the ceremony. During a live performance at one of his gigs in October 2016, he said they have to join each other to protest against the system.

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