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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How Good A Guitar Tuning Application Can Be

You are living in a digital world where technology has converted everything into digital format. Just like most of the things around you, a guitar tuner is also available in an application form today. You can download this application on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also use a guitar tuner online where websites have a free tuner available for you. There are two ways you can tune your guitar using these applications. One, you can hear the sound the tuner makes and tune your guitar by ear. Second, you can play the guitar string into the mic and match the frequencies.

This is the good thing about these tuners. They can get as accurate as you would want them to be because you can use a microphone to tune your guitar. You play the string on your guitar, the tuner detects the sound, shows you the frequency and a graph that tells you if you are above or below the required frequency. You can set the type of tuning you want on your guitar before you start tuning. There are many tuning options to choose from such as standard tuning, drop D, DADGAD, etc. Some tuners will even ask you the type of strings you want to tune e.g. nylon, steel etc.

It depends on you the type of guitar tuner you use. Listening to the strings’ sound on a guitar tuner and tuning yours based on that sound can be greatly helpful. You don’t have to rely on a tuner if you can tune by ear. You just need to hear one particular note, find it on one of the strings on your guitar and then tune the rest of them accordingly. With tuners that show you the frequency of each string you can be sure that your guitar will be tuned pitch perfect.

The best thing about these guitar tuning applications is that they go beyond just being tuners. They often have a huge database of chords and chord progressions to help you with them. If you have heard someone saying that a particular song is played on your favorite song but you don’t know that chord, the guitar tuner can help. You can search the chord by typing its name or going down on the list of guitar chords. You can learn a lot about guitar chords, how they are made, what root notes they are following using these advanced guitar tuners.

These tuners can also become your guide on chord progressions. Chord progressions are extremely important when you are putting a song together. Chord progressions tell you which chords to play after which chords in order to maintain the mood of the song. Some guitar tuners come with professional lessons as well. These lessons are designed by some known artist but of course, you have to pay for this type of training. If you are someone who plays guitar for passion or just to pass time, it’s time you download a guitar tuner on your phone.

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