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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lady Gaga Says She Wouldn't Be Thrilled If Ex Boyfriend Finds New Love

The American Singer Lady Gaga says it is worrying her to think about how she would feel and react if her actor boyfriend finds new love after their break up. She is reportedly so much concerned about the possibility of her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney to start dating someone else, and wouldn't be thrilled at all if this happens as she is still in love with the actor.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney had exchanged rings in 2015 after a four-year romance and were celebrated as one of the best celebrity couples in the industry. They partied ways earlier this year and told the media in an official announcement that they were calling off their engagement. However, the former couple still remains very close to each other despite their split; and according to DJ Howard Stern, Taylor is supporting the singer in her new music album.

Though, Gaga hates to be sounding like a hippie, she is kind of is one and thinks the same for Taylor. She admits the former couple still loves each other and nothing more. The singer whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was seen irritated on the question of what reaction she will be giving if Taylor finds love again as she abruptly answered she was not going to call a party for that.

Gaga says her upcoming album "Joanne" has some great tracks that were written in the inspiration of the men associated with her life in the past and the present. She particularly mentioned Tony Bennett, her crooner friend who has always been with her on her tough times or whenever she feels low.  According to the singer, Bennett calls her whenever she is feeling low as he's a great sixth sense.

The honest comments of the singer described her emotional relationship with Kinney and were emerged several weeks after she found herself in a condition where she had to deny putting the breakup emotions in her track "Perfect Illusion".  Not to mention, she sang “it was not love, it was a perfect illusion" for her last album which was out to market after her spilt with fiancé and she had to explain that she didn't refer it to her failed romance and it was just lyrics of the track.

Though, “Perfect Illusion” convincingly described her feelings after the split and the former boyfriend, she insists the song wasn't particularly about Taylor and her relationship with him. Gaga admits she loves Taylor very much and that single wasn't a hit out against him. Talking to Andy Cohen during a show last month, the singer said the song was not about what she has had but it was surely was about what Taylor has had, and about what her friends have had or her sister has had in her relation. It's just a track that presents everyone having a relationship. Gaga insisted she wouldn't ever be using her music and songs to make public emotional so that they hurt the ones she loves so much.

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